Michal Ho – ‘Screw The Coffeemaker’ (2007) [Tuning Spork]

Came to the realisation that I’ve been calling out ‘interesting’ house way too much lately.

This was a revelation reached within the record store Melting Point (who’s catalogue you won’t find online) whilst listening and subsequently purchasing the 2007 debut from Michal Ho; which is proper interesting house. Released on Tuning Spork – the label owned and run by Jay Haze – in 2007, the double 12″ pack titled Screw The Coffeemaker offers up 8 tracks of upbeat tech-house. Heavy on the dancefloor vibes it’s still left of what you’ll hear most people dropping nowadays. Unique samples make up scattered drum programming and it flows perfectly, constantly changing and morphing for the chin-stroke massive but definitely built for the club.

My recent experience with Michal Ho and Mr Haze was limited to a desire for a wax reissue of Ain’t Going Out Like That, a track composed by Michal but exclusively owned by Jay Haze, appearing on his Fabric 47 compilation. Shame, as I would have loved to have pressed that up, though Jay’s drop and mix with it on that comp is close to perfection so perhaps better left unsullied.

Back to the release at hand, if you can’t find it in the stores there’s still copies floating about on Discogs from under £3. I’ve got no idea if this was big when it was initially released four years ago, but it’s definitely one for the crate.
Could only find the one clip online, check it below.