Melting Pot Music – Hi Hat Club Boxset


Something special from the Melting Pot Music camp. Not that anything in their 200+ catalogue has ever been anything but, but this time they’ve outdone themselves.


I’m not sure how much I would really say for an intro to those not already familiar with Olski’s label. Anyone buying wax or in to modern beats / funk / hip-hop / soul / breaks has no doubt spent some time hunting through their releases. For me it was modern-funk band Lefties Soul Connection back in 2004 that put me on to what MPM were about, and no doubt the Organ Donor cover catapulted them to the worldwide platform from just their fan base in Europe. When they started following up everything with consistently doper releases the release schedule just got ridiculous.

Often only releasing on vinyl but purists by no means, MPM have constantly stayed ahead the curve releasing primarily from their own backyard of Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

 It was when the beats scene exploded a few years back that MPM were able to go the next level up on an international stage, having already outstripped what was doing in LA by the time the rest of the world caught up. In 2009 they introduced us to The Hi-Hat Club; a project / label series that focused on nine producers 

and one photographer who represented to them the modern beats scene.

The first LP release – Testicul Y Uno by Hulk Hodn and Twit One – was the starting point for what soon became exhibitions, live events and the Hi-Hat Club Blogspot which is constantly throwing up free joints and mixes.

The musical side of the boxset collects all 5 plates and the two CDs that make up the releases to date as well as some limited MPM 7’s. The item that pushes it over the top even for those that have picked them up is the 52 page booklet.

Robert Winter is the man responsible for the shots, and the accompanying photo booklet is something to rival Behind The Beat in capturing the lives of these influential producers, which is something that  fans have been fiending for (Behind The Beat was six years ago, and going for about $400 US on Amazon). The photos are absolutely stunning, shot in black and white and including portraits, studios, live events and the album covers that made up Hi-Hat Club releases 1-5.

 Limited edition box set consisting of 5 LPs, 2 CDs and a 52-page photo booklet by Robert Winter. Features all five volumes on LP (Hulk Hodn X Twit One, Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk X Fid Mella, Full Crate X FS Green), plus Vol 1 – 4 on two CDs.

The Hi-Hat Club has established itself as the most cutting edge hip-hop producer series in Europe. It has introduced some of the hottest producers from Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam and Vienna to the worldwide beatmaker community. It is a joint venture project between MPM and photographer Robert Winter. The records are accompanied by live events (Berlin, Cologne, Vienna, Hamburg), a blog and exhibitions. The 52-page photo booklet features mainly never seen before photos of producers like Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk, Full Crate, FS Green, DJ Day, Exile, fLako, Hubert Daviz, Twit One, Hulk Hodn, Tobrock and many more.

Hi-Hat Club Box Set Minimix (DJ Illiaz) by MPMCGN

Twit One – Windyridge
Hulk Hodn – Rawissue
Suff Daddy – Chinatown Chill
Dexter – One For Yusef
Brenk – Cannibal Love
Fid Mella – Hahaha
FS Green – 1 Up
Full Crate – Never Never
djAdlib – Tatsusan