Melbourne Street Art: Part 1

Clearing out some old photos came across a whole memory of card of graff & street art from recent journeys around both Sydney and Melbourne. Thought it’d be worth sharing here, though due to the amount a lot will get cut, and we’ll definitely be breaking it down in to sections.

Worth mentioning that that London and Melbourne attitudes towards graffiti is something that seems to be working. The tolerance shown for masterful pieces to bring an urban landscape alive has been some form of quality control. The increased policing of activities in Sydney and criminalisation has lead to what can only be described as an overall barrage of s**t by comparison. This is a large generalisation, but the amounts of terrible tags in Sydney where people don’t have access to reasonably priced paint is definitely a downer, as is the fact that they’re not given a chance to be mentored and amster their art on the streets.

Something to think about.