Matthew Herbert Launches One Club in Hoxton

Like most, I struggle to define Matthew Herbert, as he constantly reinvents himself and his music, seemingly enjoying what he’s doing the whole time. His creative output ranging from minimal house through musique concrete to polemical, protest pop and is probably the only underground artist to have had his music presented at such venues as the Royal Court Theatre, on Broadway, The Sydney Opera House and the Almeida just to name a few.

His new album will be coming out on Accidental Records, and titled The One Club we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s ventured out in to unknown recorded territory once more. The music on the new album is created solely from sounds created by the audience at the famed Robert Johnson nightclub in Frankfurt on September 30th 2009.

Check out some bootleg footage from him performing the show at Sonar earlier in the year:

via Accidental Records
The club was rigged with microphones, with some on the dancefloor, hung from the ceiling, in the dj booth, in taxis, the cloakroom, the bar and the toilets. Sounds recorded included people kissing, waving keys, beatboxing, singing and of course dancing. Every track of the project is named after people who were present that night.

via Matthew Herbert
One Club is designed to be both a functioning body of dance music in its own right, but at the same time a celebration of the temporary communities that come together weekly around the world in clubs. since the record is made entirely from sounds recorded in one night at a german night club, the audience is implicated directly in the outcome of the music.

For a long time now, clubs have accepted a corporate version of reality, with excessive branding and sponsorship, yet reluctant to acknowledge the potential political or social power implicit in large numbers of people gathering in public places.

The record is intended as a document, a celebration of a typically fragmented, spontaneous community brought together for one night only through the idea of music and dancing. presumably that group of people will never again be together again in one room, but there is now music to be the memory and, hopefully, move the feet.”

The London launch is going down at Hoxton Square Bar And Kitchen on Wendesday the 22nd of September, done as a live show with full visuals and theatrical elements, and is bound to be a an amazing night.

You can get tickets in advance from:

Full Details:
Wednesday 22 September, 7.30

Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen
2 Hoxton Street, London N1 6NU

£10 on Door | £7.50 adv


For those that missed this the first time there’s a brilliant short that’s been floating around on Matthew Herbert, done by our friends at Cool Hunting a few years back (mid disco and big band phase) which you can check out below.