Madteo – ‘Noi No’ [Sahko Recordings] / ‘TTTree Low G. Tapes: Mad Dip Revue’ [The Trilogy Tapes]

Something about the way Madteo does his productions is just so spot-on for me – that perfect combination of what makes ‘beats’ interesting and the leftfield house that bangs the s**t out of a decent system depending on the mood. The NYC based producer and record-digger has enough of interviews across the web with his influences, techniques and background, most of which are written well and some of which you can link to from his main digital home here:

Despite an impressive full length, the first of two 10″ releases for Meakusma and even a 12″ featuring Sensational prior, it wasn’t until the limited Workshop 7″ in 2010 that we really started paying attention to what Madteo was doing. His entire catalogue remains quality, and even before we clocked on to the sound, he was definitely pointing in the direction of lo-fi techno fire. It was just the timing and the label background that caused it to boil over with the Workshop 11 release for us, the side that featuring the creepy sampled vocals of Citizen Kane was definitely memorable.

Over the last year Madteo has started appearing everywhere that counts, starting off 2012 back on Meakusma with three of his earlier 10″ offerings being remixed by Marcellus Pittman, ‘Shake’ Shakir and Kassem Mosse for a pretty stunning plate. A few months later came a reworking from Hieroglyphic Being on Morphine Records and a DJ Sotofett remix on the Wania offshoot. It’s saying something about the way Madteo crafts sound, and the space he deliberately leaves in his originals that he’s got these producers involved and the crazy good quality of these remixes.

As the artist for the debut of the much-hyped Hinge Finger label, Madteo was always going to get attention for the Bugler’s Gold record. Four solid cuts, putting the producer on the radar for a lot of the crowd desperately in need of joints with substance, and best of all opening up the rest of his catalogue to a new audience.

Noi No is the new 2xLP on Sahko Recordings, and exceeded what we expected, proper stunning in it’s minimal and sparse surroundings. Strangely I found it a perfect throwback to the elements of what we loved about the Workshop release, only this time going across an entire album and evolved to a further point. Twisted vocal samples with off-kilter beats and rhythms that refuse to be rushed, moving at their own natural pace. There’s hazy lo-fi synth held together with dirty harmonics, peaking beats and even a lack thereof. Totally unconventional in structure, coming off as Dem Hunger chop-experiments made out of Mike Shiflet layered raw electronics, all within an Emptyset techno recording session. If it sounds random just think of it as the best parts of all the experimental bits we try to fit in to a conventional set.

By all accounts able to do it live in the club as well, Madteo’s a don. Stay on top of his work, check the previous releases and definitely get a hold of this LP.

If you’re after something properly special that shows off the best of left-field house in a set check the cassette release on The Trilogy Tapes, TTTree Low G. Tapes: Mad Dip Revue. A musical map of sorts, different beat based genres growing over each other in 45 minutes of Madteo originals and experiments. This will give I:Cube a run for his money for the top mix releases of recent memory. No samples to listen to from label or stores, but only one left on Discogs. Luckily we dropped an excerpt from the release a few NTS shows back, you can check out the stream here: