Lukid – ‘Crawlers’ EP [Liberation Technologies]

Big drop from Lukid, his finest to date in my opinion. Crawlers comes to us on 12″ from Liberation Technologies, four-tracks of mutant techno that form a coherent and brain melting EP of new ideas and directions flawlessly built together.

It’s been a while since we heard from Lukid, last releasing in 2012 with the full-length Lonely At The Top and the subsequent 12″ My Dog Can Swim arriving on Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune. Lukid’s always sat left of the bass scene, walking a different path towards the club speakers, always injecting something unique in to his recordings that’s distinctly him.

With Crawlers, Lukid’s stepped things up a notch, exploring ideas in techno that have long been tapped by London’s experimental scene and unnamed raw plates. He’s done it much better than the rest though, making everything from the sounds to the structures work at every turn.

Here’s a release that would be equally comfortable on L.I.E.S. or Werkdiscs, with Lukid walking that fine line of emotive techno masterpiece and club burner. The tempo’s ever changing between tracks – slowing it down as far as murky LA beats before going to it’s height with flittering scattered electronics – but the established rough and lo-fi attitude stays the same throughout.

Not a bad track on here, but geez…’The Brick Burner’ is really top notch. The way it moves along keeps you hooked in, but is also catchy enough to leave you nodding to it in your mind between listens. Lukid revamps that ‘Windowlicker’ synth vibe, and turning it in to the core repetition of the track, working it alongside sloppy machine samples for something very special.

Listen to ‘The Brick Burner’ below, press release underneath that. Get on it.

via Liberation Technologies
Now a prominent feature of the London scene, Lukid presents a fresh EP on the always innovative Liberation Technologies.

An impressive follow up to his 2012 full­length Lonely At The Top, the Crawlers EP serves up lo­fi, danceable electronics that elude genre. Lead track ‘Nine’ may sound familiar to some, as Evian Christ sampled its synths on ‘Propeller’, a track from his 2014 ‘Waterfall’ EP for Tri Angle Records.

Consistent with previous releases on Actress’s Werkdiscs and Lukid’s own Glum imprint, his Crawlers EP intelligently breaks ground on undefined dancefloor territory.