Lorca January Mix / Aka Aka Roar / Voodoo Radio

You’ve got to love the creative mind. Where “send me ten releases that you liked from the last 12 months” somehow turned in to Jimmy Monstafunk sending us the names of his favourite news stories of the year, Daojia sending honorable mentions that haven’t yet been released, and now over a month later, in the case of Lorca, the delivery of dope half hour mix comprising of 12 tracks from the year just gone and a few looking towards 2011.


Check it out below embedded from his Mixcloud page below, or head on over for the download from Soundcloud.

For those over Brighton ways be sure to get down to see him doing it live with his residency at Aka Aka Roar. The next party’s going down 28th of Feb, with a massive lineup including James Blake, Joy Orbison and Blawan, three headliners by their own right playing on the same night. Check the flyer on the left for more details, or head on over to the facebook group page.

On a separate note tying to events, mad props to those who organised Late Night Jams and rocked the party this Friday gone. The first time I’ve seen a warehouse set up from scratch to house a party like that and it was an inspiring thing to witness. Serious cats doing it for the love of music. Keep an eye on Raynulds twitter and mixcloud account, as no doubt he’ll be on it as and when they appear.

And while we’re going off on tangents, him and Jambie have moved their Innacity FM slot for Voodoo Radio 2 hours later (now 6-8pm), but still doing it on Saturdays, so if you’ve not done to date make sure you don’t sleep on checking them out. They’ll be there this weekend, we’ll be tuning in over raclette.