Loefah & Chunky @ GoodGod Small Club – 11.5.13 [SYD]

As a quarter of DMZ along with Digital Mystikz and Sgt. Pokes, Loefah is one cat who needs no introduction. Big in the scene since early days, the man has contributed more to the musical landscapes pre- and post- dubstep booms then most of his contemporaries will in a lifetime. Looking back it turns out the “Goat Stare” platter was released almost eight years ago and “Disko Rekah” back in 2007. Sure as hell doesn’t feel that long ago on either of them.

But as Loefah’s said and proven many times it’s all about moving forward and pushing new sounds. While his legacy in bass will always be there, he’s continually carved out his own reputation as a selector and even more recently label boss of Swamp 81. For those that don’t know, Swamp 81 has also had the balls to release as a vinyl only label, quality pressings every time I’ve got to say. Working themselves as a somewhat experimental imprint for their producers who release on them, there’s not a lot of labels doing it better.

Let’s talk about the one known as Chunky, who’s undoubtedly one of the best MCs in the game. In fact, with the exception of Pokes he’s got to be everyone’s favourite mic man. As the regular host with Riot Jazz and Hoya:Hoya (once referred to as the most important night in the UK), he clocked up an epic resume through his live mouth work before showing us he could do it on the production tip as well, releasing his first EP through Swamp 81 on the back end of last year.

Not sure if he’ll be stepping on decks as well throughout the course of the night, maybe it’s a back-to-back record thing, but hopefully he’ll be smashing mic duties throughout.

Tickets are around the $35 mark, more on door, check the link below to buy and for more details.

via Resident Advisor
Low Motion and Original Tekkers are proud to present Loefah and Chunky for a very special club night at Goodgod Small Club on May 11.
One of the pioneers of dubstep, Loefah along with his partners, Mala and Coki started the now infamous DMZ brand. As “dubstep” grew further and further from its roots and became increasingly commercial, Loefah turned his attention to an emergent new hive of creativity to create the label, Swamp 81. with a string of releases from the likes of Addison Groove, Ramadanman, Boddika and Falty DL, Swamp81 is dedicated to the promotion of subcultural bass music with releases that display a like minded dedication to weighty electronic music and that is what has made the ripples world wide for this label.
Joining Loefah is MC DJ Producer extraordinaire Chunky. Swamp 81’s Resident MC.

So take some time to listen to the Swamp 81 back catologue. check their Rinse FM podcasts and get hyped for what is sure to be one of the club shows of the year! Loefah and Chunky at Goodgod Small Club May 11! Smiley faces 🙂