Lego Super-8 Movie Projector

Not sure why I don’t shout out Retro Thing a lot more, especially as it may be my most hit website of the last 12 months. Get addicted to it and they’ll put you on to some amazing stuff. Their Do-It-Yourself section especially gets my over-excited, and leaves me planning on building an awesome-but-cheap retro synth or a ZX80 or something similar out of leftover gameboy parts or whatnot, but never actually getting round to trying it. This one’s top of the list at the moment though, and once redundancy kicks in I may try to build one. Then I’ll just need an 8mm copy of Hackers and we’re in business.

According to the site, since it’s debut it’s creator Friedemann Wachsmuth has since fixed the pulldown mechanism to stabilise the image. Dope creation.

via Peaceman
A fully functional Super 8 Movie Projector I built with Kalle using Lego Technic. The only non-Lego parts are the lens, the reel spindles and the lamp.

The projector uses just two engines and is fully featured with automatic feeding, 24 fps, fast rewind and 120m reel capabilities. A decent LED flashlight makes it pretty amazingly bright.

Lego Technic Super-8 Movie Projector from Friedemann Wachsmuth