Lapalux Digital / Cassette Tape Release [Pictures Music]

Pictures Music have been donning it since their relatively recent inception as a label. I know I’ve been banging on about the beauty of the Chairman Kato digital debut for over a month now, and will most likely continue to do so, but even aside from this the label marches on and continues to release proper interesting music, constantly adding to their impressive roster of artists.

Their next release is no exception. Dropping on the 18th of this month, coming in the form of limited cassette tape (exclusive to as well as your standard download formats comes Lapalux from Essex, giving us his Many Faces Out Of Focus EP through the label

The 22 year old producer has been making a name doing it live as well, smashing the Boiler Room earlier in the week with a brilliant set that’s garnered love from the chinstroke massive. His forthcoming release offers six tracks of edgy leftfield soundscapes that allegedly had the mastering engineer bugging out at the level of complexity. Definitely one that you’ll keep revisiting, if not lose your shit over instantly. Check the full press release below.

via Picture Music
Many Faces Out Of Focus comprises six brilliantly well produced tracks from 22 year old essex boy Stuart Howard. His productions have already caught the interest of those voices seeking future cult heroes and it is no surprise that the finesse with which he controls samples and synths has left every new listener in awe.

It is easy to cloud the blissful abstracted popiness of this record with details of its complexities. It’s the way that he produces so playfully, breaking rules that other couldn’t get away with and involving the listener in a way that very few producers are able, that hooked us in. It wasn’t until the mastering studio that I discovered differently tuned bass drums panned to one side then another, a wash of reverb squeezed hard into only one channel and numerous tiny recorded vocal samples.

The EP opens with a layered crescendo built on clicks and a seething synth sound, 30 seconds of darkness explodes suddenly into pop hits, tempered with sub bass, set against a sampled and repitched vocal. From this point the EP bathes your brain in lush textures, surprising and explosive atmospheres set in unencountered, unearthly spaces, all somehow perfectly set against catchy rolling choruses informed by pop and commercial R&B.