Korg Little Bits – DIY Synth Kit

Christmas is cool and all, but sometimes around this time of year it really is best to start looking forward to things that will bring you joy as well as those around you, especially if it’s something that you missed out on getting under the tree last year. I’m pretty sure that my wife, parents, siblings etc. aren’t on the Korg mailing lists, hence taking matters in to our own hands is sometimes necessary this time of year.

We love the DIY instrument tip, almost as much as we love drum machines and synths. The Sonic Potions LXR Drum Synthesiser and the RDH Dub Siren we’re two of our favourite projects of 2013, though we’ve been build-less since. Can’t wait to get a hold of the Korg Littlebits then, which will require infinitely less burning of the fingers, requiring no soldering whatsoever.

These dropped sometime last year, but for whatever reason we totally missed them. Surprising, as the layout is way simpler than either of our earlier endeavours, and with that the kit is also filled with a bomb more possibilities. The whole idea behind the Korg Littlebits build is that you get educated in the way the classic synthesisers work. It’s not so much one build as a tool that you’ll keep hitting up time and time again, and with the full endorsement of the electronic DIY community you’ll be developing new projects quickly.

Built on tiny breadboards that snap together with magnets, it’s a seriously well thought-out and produced introduction to building sounds. It comes with delay, micro sequencer, envelope, filter, a two-way mix and a speaker to name a few features, but best of all is the thirty-five page booklet that includes projects like the keytar and synth turntables.

That’ll take some time to work through, well worth the price tag in my opinion.

Check out some videos below, then head over here to order one: http://littlebits.cc/kits/synth-kit