KiNK – Live Analog Session for Dub Laborant Radio Show 2013.02.25

Came across this video the other day and needed to share it; KiNK live in session for Bulgarian online station Radio Binar. KiNK aka Strahil Velchev brought a collection of his synths, effects units, sequencing tools and beat machines – mostly MFB in fact, full gear list below – in to the studio, setting up a temporary performance space for an 80 minute live jam. Proper dubbed out vibes, it’s great to watch him in full creation mode, seemingly having a load of fun in the process.

As a rule, KiNK is a top-notch producer, brilliant DJ, and a really nice guy. He’s never been shy about recording and sharing his production process. If you look around you’ll find a few “in-studio” videos as well, but this one takes the cake for me. Nothing else to add on the man, just find some time to watch this through.

From what I can work out via online translator and limited information in english, Radio Binar ( is somewhat an underground institution in KiNK’s home country. It’s worth having a click around their site, a bit hard to navigate due to language barrier, but they’ve got a host of other guests on their and some quality recordings to boot.

Session below, along with some info and gear list lifted from the youtube posting. Big ups KiNK, Radio Binar crew and all involved in getting this organised and to us.

KiNK – Live analog session @RadioBinar
This is just an extract of the live set for all the international audience. The full radioshow can be seen on
Dub Laborant radioshow – hosted by dubstard
Links to audio only (extract from the video), also added as playable / downloadable podcast on the Binar web page; URLs to direct download

Equipment used:-
MFB Synth II
MFB Microzwerg
MFB Urzwerg Pro
MFB 522
Mackie 802 VLZ3
Roland SPACE ECHO RE-201
+Live vocals from Rachel Row + claps & random sounds, captured live via a microphone