Kid Koala Launch Pics

Big ups to Kid Koala and Ninjatune for a dope night to launch the new book Space Cadet. In my older age this was my kind of mid-week launch night. Seats, crayons, hot chocolate, music at a good level. Plus it’s nice to go somewhere in East London where hipsters feel uncomfortably out of place.

People found anything to sit on and draw with as Kid Koala pulled out the dulcet chords, gratefully insisting on controlling the vibes and tempo through his track selection. Even he was obliged to take a seat and sketch in between flipping through records, taking a step back from the showboat nature of a turntablist to let his records set sound organic, and for the most part dropped at original tempos and played in full. He’s a well documented digger, fearlessly playing records that out of context most of us wouldn’t understand.

One of the more interesting drops came from sounded like the original chords and basis for Weezer’s Pink Triangle. If anyone knows what this might be hit us up.

Midway through the night Kid Koala announced he’d received a text, his wife having had her first ultrasound and they were expecting a baby girl in January. Soon after the graphics changed to a live feed of his hands as he busted through the inimitable Moon River set that’s become his calling card and then impressively on to some new productions. Frankly him playing the new material live (album being delivered to Ninjatune next month evidently) was sounding damn hot.

The headphone show will be coming to London November 11th, stay tuned for more info. In the meantime check out the Ninjatune Shop to get your hands on the Space Cadet book and soundtrack.

Out to Timmy K for the shots below, a few more be going up elsewhere soon. Also to Red Gallery, which is a continually brilliant space that’s always worth popping in to.