Kerridge – ‘Sonic Instruments Of War’ 7″ [Contort]

Coming off the back of his own LP – Always Offended and Never Ashamed – which christened the label, and a cassette from Karl O’Connor that no one really heard, Kerridge aka Samuel Kerridge brings the third release on his Contort imprint to us in the form of a devastating 7″ called Sonic Instruments Of War.

Kerridge has mostly worked with the darker and often more distorted elements of techno, releasing on Downwards and Horizontal Ground before Contort. With a focus on heavy atmospherics through field synths and gradual drone, the tracks to date have been more than a step away from the dance floor, but always impressive.

Two tracks here, distributed on the a and b-sides in the order that you’d expect, taken from a 2013 live set of Kerridge; built with the same tool kit but worlds apart never the less. ‘Sonic Instruments Of War #01’ is the amen-break version that we’re particularly hyped about.

Channeling Lee Gamble’s radio rave experimentations – or the brilliant Hate project from Whittaker, Stott and G.H. – ‘…#01’ is a beautifully left of centre jungle tune, covered in distortion with a Plug level of unpredictability about the structure and sample. Played and recorded at a slower pace to most of these references, the heavy swing on the drum break is particularly noticeable as it drops in and out against the droning sound barriers, making it a battle of wills between the chinstroke elements and the dancers.

Over we go and ‘…Part 2’ is the perfect complimentary b-side, unleashing the atmospheric and darker elements that the jungle break was keeping in check. The kicks are gone, replaced by occasional chopper-style throbbing of distortion, as Kerridge himself shouts something in to the mic that’s indistinguishable to our ears.

A truly excellent record this. Limited to 500 copies, so if you’ve not got one already you’ll want to grab it quick, as it dropped last month.

via Contort
Following on from that mighty Drum & Bass mixtape from Karl O’Connor, Sam and Hayley Kerridge’s Berlin event series-turned-label return with a killer addendum to their first release – Kerridge’s ‘Always Offended Never Ashamed’ album.

These two new tracks are a clarion call to arms – both sides excerpted from a Kerridge live performance for the NTO, Berlin 2013.

Convulsing chunks of distorted, heaving junglist venom on the A-side’s brutal ‘Sonic Instruments Of War #01’, the flipside explores more abstract terrain thru vicious, atonal outbursts.

Highly recommended if yr into the Downwards catalogue, HATE or recent material from Shapednoise.