Kemistry & Storm and Goldie – Remastered Set From Brighton 1996

Something special from Metalheadz, in remembrance of Valerie Olusanya aka Kemistry, who passed away fourteen years ago yesterday. As a founding member of Metalheadz and one-half of drum ‘n’ bass duo Kemistry & Storm, Kemistry is owed a great debt from the many producers she dropped, punters who’s heads she blew and the electronic music scene who’s boundaries she pushed.

There’s a great part in Brian Belle-Fortune’s All Crews which recounts Kemistry & Storm driving for hours to reach gigs in a hired van packed with crates, playing for minimal cash, making a loss on their efforts for the night but loving every moment. Kemistry did it all for the right reasons, and left the world a better place for us.

Not much to say outside of bigging ups Metalheadz for getting this up. Once you get passed certain age circles or schooled heads, Kemistry’s offerings to club culture, underground London and extended bass scenes that have come and gone since sometimes go unnoticed. And while it’s a shame that you can’t go a month without an overpriced reissue or tribute party to others recently passed, especially in hip-hop circles, there’s something special about the way Kemistry’s legacy is lovingly preserved without dollar sign influences or any cheapening of it.

In a proper tribute Metalheadz have remastered an archived set of their founding three-man crew going live from Brighton in 1996. A 60-minute set from Kemistry & Storm and Goldie sharing decks, complete with Cleveland Watkiss on MC duties. Brilliant listen, embedded below for stream or download.

RIP Kemistry.

via Metalheadz
Remastered and uploaded in memory of Kemistry (R.I.P.) who was sadly taken from us 14 years ago today (25.04.99)