Keith P

Over opinionated, over enthusiastic and possibly overweight. Former live music player and converse wearer until the discovery of electronic music in 2001 (thanks Shadow), where tutored by Who:Ratio it manifested in to a vinyl addiction, samplers and years spent collecting funk and jazz to play on Sydney radio (big ups FBI). The move to the UK was world flipped upside down and the electronic history lessons continued, as did inspiration from the introduction to the likes of Jimmy Monsta Funk, Hash, Jez Smadja and Lindsay Todd, among others; all people who continue to destroy the conventions of releasing and creating music, or words about it, and refuse to add to the hype machine. Awkward Movements family are a daily inspiration and still get excited about good music.

Hype is hype because it’s got no substance to sell. Forget everything they tell you. Love records almost as much as record stores.

Occasionally works in Phonica, drops records and writes for Shook.