Kamikaze#53 + Joseph Hammer

Still fresh from his Awkward Movements Sessions under a week ago, Paul from Kamikaze has already managed to feed us a new hour long epic from his own Kamikaze series. I remember these when they were hand-stenciled CDs being handed out around Soho. Deep styles from of London’s most underrated collectors.

As if he’s not busy enough it’s also worth mentioning he’s going to be starting on Reel Rebels radio next month, holding down a slot on the fourth Wednesday of every month. We’ll get more info up as it comes available. Keep in mind this is in addition to his Dandelion Radio slots, Awk Mo Sessions and his own weekly series. He really does consume that much music.

Kamikaze#53+Joseph Hammer
Right, so about six weeks ago I discovered the existence of Pan Recordings, and it’s been a bit of a revelation to be honest.  They specialise in ‘difficult’ electronica and press it up on really heavy vinyl and package it in wicked sleeves with screen-printed PVC bags.  It really feels like you get something for your money, which is handy as each release costs a small fortune.  It started with the re-press of ‘Sun Pandamonium’ by Hecker, which you’ll notice I still can’t put down, and then there was that Keith Fullerton Whitman thing I played you last time round, and there’s a Frieder Butzmann record which I’ll play you next time, but this time it’s the turn of plunderphonic genius Joseph Hammer, so you can hear about 20 minutes from his album on the show.  Pan stuff aside, there’s a couple of dubby techno numbers from Mokira and Quantec, some kraut rock goodness from Applehead, Conrad Schnitzler and Arthur Boto Conley’s Music Workshop, some very old Swiss yodelling from Jodlerklub Thun, a bit of Broadcast and The Focus Group, and the astonishing new single from Tropic Of Cancer…

Tropic Of Cancer – A Colour [Blackest Ever Black]
Broadcast and The Focus Group – Inside Out [Ghost Box]
Applehead – Villa Scott [Pre-Cert Home Entertainment]
Hecker – Vi Retrospect [Pan]
Conrad Schnitzler – Zug [M=Minimal]
Arthur Boto Conley’s Music Workshop – B1 [Moderne Musik]
Mokira – Axis Audio (Echospace Model 1) [Kontra-Musik]
Quantec – My Safe Harbour [Echochord]
Jodlerklub Thun – Alpufzug [Mississippi]
Joseph Hammer – I Love You, Please Love Me Too Side B [Pan]