Kamikaze Top 100 of 2011

As is the time of the year we sent out the call for ‘Best Of…’ charts from the crew, which will be going up soon. Kamikaze flatly refused to do a top 10 – saying he needed at least 100 records as it’d been such a sterling year. He’s actually taken it one step further and recording them in to a mammoth 700 minute countdown show.

Until you’ve spent some time in Kamikaze towers (decorated with his own artworks ala Psycho and The Birds stencils above and to the side) it may be hard to fathom just how committed Paul Ackroyd is to the cause. As he outlines below, 2011 saw him doing 120 hours of radio…I think people have had psychiatriatic help over less. He’s opened our eyes to a host of new artists and sounds – which we’re constantly humbled by – and no doubt he will continue to do so in the year ahead.

Greetings all

In celebration of 2011 being such a fuckin splendid year for music, I’ve recorded a massive show detailing my own personal Top 100 records of the year. Too much great music out this year to mention it all, and hundreds of essential records that didn’t even make the Top 100. But for those that did make the cut I’ve compiled a 700-minute long countdown show, split into five segments of 20 tracks each, which you can hear now on www.mixcloud.com/kamikaze and www.samurai.fm/kamikaze. [All five shows are currently on Mixcloud, whilst the first three installments are on Samurai, with the other two to follow over the coming days…] Links to all below, plus a giant list of the Top 100 tucked away at the bottom of this page for your perusal. Not to want to give too much away, but a small disclaimer required here, as my Number One record for 2011 was actually released last year, but it didn’t make it to any UK shops before January of this year, and it’s a very special record to me, so please forgive me for that. Anyway special label love to, among many others, Mississippi, Sandwell District, Raster Noton, Modern Love, Editions Mego, and my label of the year, Pan Recordings. For a scene that I’ve always associated with CD releases, it’s been a total fucking revelation discovering of Pan’s existence this year. Artist thanks goes to, again, far too many to mention, but the list below should cover a few thank yous, though is by no means exhaustive. Just keep making good tunes, that’s all I ask of you all.

Besides this Top 100 nonsense, I’ve got new Dandelion Radio, Reel Rebels Radio, Samurai FM, and Mixcloud shows to tell you about. Information on those below.

That’s about it for now. Thank you to everyone who has shown support and listened this year. Between Dandelion Radio, Samurai FM, Mixcloud, Reel Rebels Radio, and Awkward Movements, I clocked up 120 hours of shows this year, triple what I achieved in 2010, so it’s all going very much in the right direction. And I know there are plenty of you out there who have listened to the vast majority of those shows, for which I’m eternally grateful. So pleased to be sharing the music with you all. Anyway here’s to plenty more of that next year. I’ll not be around a great deal over the coming weeks as I’m long overdue a total studio rebuild, but will return soon.

Thank you everyone, and I hope 2012 brings you plenty more ace records
Happy New Year to you all xx

Kamikaze Top 100 2011 Radio Shows
(Full chart at the bottom of the page)

Part One [#100 – #81].

Part Two [#80 – #61].

Part Three [#60 – #41].

Part Four [#40 – #21].

Part Five [#20 – #1].

2011 Top 100 Chart

#100 Kangding Ray – Or [Raster Noton]
#99 Planningtorock – The Breaks [DFA]
#98 Daniel Thomas Freeman – The Beauty Of Doubting Yourself [Home Normal]
#97 Roll The Dice – In Dust [Leaf]
#96 Shlohmo – Bad Vibes [Friends Of Friends]
#95 Angel – 26000 [Editions Mego]
#94 Merzbow – Jigokuhen [Important]
#93 Stephen Hess+Christopher McFall – The Inescapable Fox [Under The Spire]
#92 Richard H Kirk – Be Brave [Downwards]
#91 Deepchord – Hash-Bar Remnants Pt1 [Soma]
#90 Wooden Shjips – West [Thrill Jockey]
#89 The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World [HAFTW]
#88 Pelican Daughters – Fishbones and Wishbones [Forced Nostalgia]
#87 Robert Hood – The Greatest Dancer [M-Plant]
#86 Oni Ayhun – Meets Shangaan Elektro [Honest Jon’s]
#85 Anne-James Chaton – Evenements 09 [Raster Noton]
#84 The KVB – Into The Night [Downwards]
#83 Blind Willie Johnson – Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground [Mississippi]
#82 Edouard-Leon Scott De Martinville – Au Clair De La Lune [Parlortone]
#81 Eli Keszler – Cold Pin [Pan]
#80 Boddika – You Tell Me [Nonplus]
#79 Wolfgang Voigt – Du Musst Nichts Sagen [Profan]
#78 KPLR – Untitled [Digitalis]
#77 Various – Ishilan N-Tenere [Mississippi]
#76 Andrew Pekler – Sentimental Favourites [Dekorder]
#75 Old Apparatus – Old Apparatus [Deep Medi]
#74 2562 – Fever [When In Doubt]
#73 Blawan – What You Do With What You Have [R+S]
#72 Pole – Waldgeschichten [Pole]
#71 Keith Fullerton Whitman – 101105 [Dekorder]
#70 Demdike Stare – Tryptych Bonus [Modern Love]
#69 Gaz Howell – Ground [Modern Love]
#68 Blawan – Bohla [R+S]
#67 Powell – The Ongoing Significance Of Steel & Flesh [Diagonal]
#66 Various – Highlife Time Vol 2 [Vampisoul]
#65 Anworth Kirk – Avonwaith [Pre-Cert Home Entertainment]
#64 Throbbing Gristle – D.o.A. [Industrial]
#63 Mark McGuire – Get Lost [Editions Mego]
#62 Prefuse 73 – The Only She Chapters [Warp]
#61 Kid Koala – Space Cadet [Ninja Tune]
#60 Mark Fell+Peter Rehberg – Kubu [Editions Mego]
#59 Dalglish – Benacah Drann Deachd [Highpoint Lowlife]
#58 Mahmoud Ahmed – Jegoul Naw Betwa [Mississippi]
#57 White Hills – H-p1 [Thrill Jockey]
#56 Tropic Of Cancer – The Sorrow Of Two Blooms [Blackest Ever Black]
#55 Cut Hands – Afronoise 1 [Susan Lawly]
#54 Cicciolina Holocaust – Albeit Albeit [Forced Nostalgia]
#53 Vladislav Delay Quartet – Vladislav Delay Quartet [Honest Jon’s]
#52 Sculpture – Toad Blinker [Dekorder]
#51 Various – The Black Caribs Of Belize [Soul Jazz]
#50 Byetone – Symeta [Raster Noton]
#49 Mark Fell – Periodic Orbits Of A Dynamic System Related To A Knot [Editions Mego]
#48 Machinedrum – Room(s) [Planet Mu]
#47 R/S – USA [Pan]
#46 Demdike Stare – Make Do+Mend 02 [Finders Keepers]
#45 Heatsick – Intersex [Pan]
#44 Various – Pietre Preziose E Oro Fino [Moi J’Connais]
#43 Various – Brass Pins+Match Heads [Mississippi/Canary]
#42 Function – Through The Shadow Glass [Break New Soil]
#41 Various – Fanafody [Mississippi/Cultural Knot]
#40 bvdub – Tribes At The Temple of Silence [Home Normal]
#39 Temporal Marauder – Temporal Marauder Makes You Feel [Spectrum Spools]
#38 Function – SDSMP3 [Sandwell District]
#37 Barn Owl – Shadowland [Thrill Jockey]
#36 Tropic Of Cancer – The End Of All Things [Downwards]
#35 Hecker – Sun Pandamonium [Pan]
#34 Various – Opika Pende [Dust To Digital]
#33 Various – Last Time Around [Mississippi/MRP]
#32 Various – The Rain Don’t Fall On Me [Mississippi]
#31 Julia Holter – Tragedy [Leaving]
#30 Maurizio Bianchi – Symphony For A Genocide [Sterile]
#29 Andy Stott – Passed Me By [Modern Love]
#28 Various – Street Musicians Of Yogyakarta [Mississippi]
#27 Marcel Dettmann – Translation [Ost Gut Ton]
#26 Yves De Mey – Counting Triggers [Sandwell District]
#25 Myrmyr – Fire Star [Under The Spire]
#24 Silent Servant – Hypnosis In The Modern Age [Sandwell District]
#23 Vladislav Delay – Vantaa [Raster Noton]
#22 Tim Hecker – Ravedeath 1972 [Kranky]
#21 Rrose – Merchant Of Salt [Sandwell District]
#20 Rrose – Primary Evidence [Sandwell District]
#19 Regis – In A Syrian Tongue [Blackest Ever Black]
#18 Peaking Lights – 936 [Not Not Fun]
#17 Zdenek Liska – Mala Morska Vila [Finders Keepers]
#16 Actress – Surfers Hymn [Kompakt]
#15 Fennesz – Seven Stars [Touch]
#14 Rail Band – Buffet Hotel De La Gare [Superfly]
#13 Cyclo – id [Raster Noton]
#12 The Haxan Cloak – The Haxan Cloak [Aurora Borealis]
#11 Demdike Stare – Elemental Pts 1&2 [Modern Love]
#10 Alva Noto – Univrs [Raster Noton]
#09 Andy Stott – We Stay Together [Modern Love]
#08 Various – In The Storm So Long [Mississippi]
#07 Miles – Facets [Modern Love]
#06 Mark Fell – Manitutshu [Editions Mego]
#05 Various – Historische Aufnahmen [Gagarin]
#04 Ghedalia Tazartes – Repas Froid [Pan]
#03 Container – LP [Spectrum Spools]
#02 Rrose+Bob Ostertag – Motormouth Variations [Sandwell District]
#01 Joseph Hammer – I Love You, Please Love Me Too [Pan]