Kamikaze ‘Snooker Mix’


Genius offering from Paul Ackroyd, who’s got concepts (and records to back them up) for days. Under the Kamikaze guise he’s thrown together a mix dedicated to the wonderful game of snooker, coinciding with him watching pretty much every frame of the World Championship which ended this weekend past. Incidentally I’ll be round to his to raid for his share of new tunes to drop on NTS this coming Monday, get locked 2-4pm.

Yep, and a bit of snooker too. Totally obsessed with it, so a snooker special for you this week to coincide with the World Championship Final. Sadly I couldn’t find any tracks called ‘touching balls’ or ‘where’s the cue ball going’, but most other bases covered in here…

Winifred Atwell – The Black And White Rag [Decca]
DJ Food – Break [Ninja Tune]
Richard Berry – The Big Break [Harte]
Von Sudenfed – Slow Down Ronnie [Domino]
Shellac – Billiard Player Song [Touch & Go]
Jimi Tenor And His Shamans – Snooker (Tekno) [JTS/Shamans]
Half Man Half Biscuit – The Len Ganley Stance [Probe Plus]
The Gasman – Crucible [Planet Mu]
Bola – Triangle [Skam]
Charity Queen – Mid-Session Interval [White]
Tracer AMC – Chalk [We Love Records]
Chalk Circle – Easy Escapes [Mississippi]
Samiyam – Cushion [Brainfeeder]
The Lovely Eggs – Baulk Cushion [Cherryade]
Andrew Pekler – Contact [Kranky]
West African Swing Stars – Mensah’s Rolling Ball [Honest Jon’s]
The Male Nurse – Back On The Pills [BBC Session]
John Oswald – Pocket [Self-Released]
V/Vm – Snooker Loopy [V/Vm Test]