Kamikaze Presents The Radio Olympics 2014

In honour of the 2012 London Olympics, Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze gave us music from all 205 competing countries, split across five two-hours shows. Always one to up the ante, he’s gone a step further for Sochi 2014, now serving up four shows a week as the winter olympic games tick over, and selecting music from all eighty-eight competing countries in between games updates.

There’s still a few days to go, so we’ll be updating as we go along. As medals are tallied Paul’s promised to play a tune from the winning country, which is really quite a lot better than standing on a podium in the snow.

Stream the shows to date below, and lock in to Reel Rebels for the ongoing updates on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, he’s streaming from 7pm UK time on each of those nights: http://www.reelrebelsradio.com/


Final installment of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics series, this time covering all the remaining participating nations musically. So tune in to hear some thoroughly charming ditties from some small, warm, or wet nations that didn’t win medals at the games. All the sporting events of Days Fifteen & Sixteen covered in here too. 

Thanks to all of you for joining me on this musical journey, it’s been a hell of a lot of fun. And it’s business as usual this Wednesday, 26th Feb, as we leave the winter sports behind, and focus on a heap of ace new releases. 8:30pm UK time, reelrebelsradio.com

Cold Storage Commission – Skokiaan [Canary/Mississippi]
Pantanon – Djelouwei Wenike Ahlanon [Dust To Digital]
Mohamed Bergam – Zine Mlih [Parlortone]
Esplendor Geometrico – Min Dahul [Daft]
Yong Yong – A Catia [Night School]
Ghedalia Tazartes – Repas Froid (excerpt) [Pan]
Il Maltija – Maltese Country Dancing [Folkways]
Dragutin Djurdjevic – Padura Sora Padura [Canary]
Drustvo Perojskih Crnogoraca, Peroj – Veseli Se, Kucni Domacine
Untraced Macedonian Band – Ramno Velashko [Canary]
Unidentified Moldovan Wedding Band – Untitled
TRG – Oi Killa [Cool & Deadly]
Freres De La Jungle – Madiba
Leo Ferre – T’as Pay
Unknown – San Marino National Anthem
Heatsick – Ice Cream On Concrete [Pan]
Chris Abrahams – Stabilized Ruined [Room40]
Palu Vava’u Tupou & Veiongo Fakaua – Taio [HMV]
NiyoRah – Bruck Down Barrier (Feat Jah Mason)
Unidentified Nepalese Performers – Dimacha Kachari [Argo]
Jargalant Altai – Altain Magtall
Moshiah & Adina Eleizeroff & the Bucharian Group – Razal, Shaida : Nasri Bayot [Canary]
T Fazylova – Khar-Shabi [Outernational]
Ying Fan – L2255 Mix [Sub Rosa]
Urbano A Zafra – Danza Filipina [Columbia]
Singers Of Desa Fhiluka – We Oe [Folkways]
Narong Namchai – Pha Hom Hua Chai [Parlortone]
The Abstracts – Mahiya [Sublime Frequencies]
Kid 606 – Never Underestimate the Value Of A Holler [Violent Turd]
Manzanita Y Su Conjunto – El Zambito Rumbero [Tiger Milk]
Trio Tipico Paraguayo Y Felix Perez Cardosa – Cigarro Mi [Victor]
Lorrelle Meets The Obsolete – And Time Will Act Upon Them (live) [Captcha]



Ninth installment of the series, where the focus shifts from medals to minnows. Of the 88 participating nations, only 26 picked up gongs, which has left a whole heap more countries to trek through musically. After all, it’s not the winning – it’s the taking part that counts.

Os Mutantes – Panis Et Circenses [Polydor]
Hungaria – Vegallomas [Finders Keepers]
Los Siquicos Litoralenos – Sirena Chunga Y La Movida Solar [Sham Palace]
Follakzoid – 9 [Sacred Bones]
My Bloody Valentine – I Only Said [Creation]
Iannis Xenakis – Concret PH [GRM]
Vilius J – She Is Getting Through Shapeless Obstacles
Li Chin Sung aka Dickson Dee – Somewhere [Sub Rosa]
Birgitte Alsted – Agnete’s Laughter [Dacapo]
Arvo Part – Spiegel Im Spiegel [ECM]
Josef Rheinberger – Organ Concerto In F Major : Con Moto (Finale)
Unidentified Bulgarian Performers – Untitled [Orange Twin]
Unidentified Andorran Performers – Untitled
Anton Abdelhad – Raks Camille [Canary]
Izudin Osojkic, Omer Bikic, Reso Kopcalic & Rasid Imamovic – Svatovsko Kolo [Folkways]
Khan Shushinsky – Segiakh Murza Gusein [Outernational]
Unidentified Kyrgyzstanian Performers – Untitled
Folk & Liturgical Choir Of Tbilisi – Shashvi Kakabi [Traditional Crossroads]
V Tatian – Gahtzehk Tehcehk [Folkways]
Unidentified Cypriot Performers – Karotseres [Folkways]
Seyyed Hoseyn Taherzadeh & Habibollah Moshir – Bayat Esfahan [Honest Jon’s]
Sadik Diko & Reshit Shehu – Valle E Gajdes [Topic]
Bessie Smith – You’ve Got To Give Me Some [Music Mirror]
Kishor Kumar – Eena Meena Deeka [Canary/Mississippi]
Reggie Stepper – Under Mi Sin Ting [Soul Jazz]
Grupo Dominicano – Buen Humour [Outernational]
Unidentified Performers From British Virgin Islands – One Bright Summer Morning, Tortola [Folkways]
Alec Cameron w. The Sparkplugs Band – Ella Gift [Original]
Esso Steel Band of Bermuda – Carioca [Cook Records]
Madaya – The Bad Kid
Sendai – EP2010-4 [Time To Express]
Mum – Smell Memory [SRD]



Day Twelve of Sochi 2014 in music. Tunes from all medal-winning nations, taking in French nonsense from Clothilde, Russian electronica by CoH, Dutch punk from Rondos, American wonkhop from Ras G, some traditional Norwegian fiddling, Swedish saxophone abuse from Mats Gustafsson, Swiss experimentalism from Bruno Spoerri, Finnish wigout jams from Erkki Kurenniemi & Circle, repulsive Czech noise from 18 Prikazani Nenavisti, Canadian post-rock drama from Godspeed, some old Gaelic choral music for the GB curling team, and plenty more besides. Enjoy x

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program – Starting Riddim [Poobah]
Clothilde – Fallait Pas Écraser La Queue Du Chat [Born Bad]
Fiddlers of Vestlandsgruppa – Springar fra Hardanger [Topic]
Doxa Sinistra – Kuomintang’s Space Blues [Enfant Terrible]
Godspeed You Black Emperor! – Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, Like Antennas To Heaven… [Constellation]
Mats Gustafsson – Ethiopian Swing [Dancing Wayang]
Erkki Kurenniemi & Circle – Kello [Full Contact]
Betha Sarasin & Bruno Spoerri – Fragen Den Computer [Dead Cert]
Saboten – Useless Foresight [Em]
CoH – Method As Fun [Editions Mego]
Pankrti – Totalna Revolucija
Wendy Carlos – Title Music from A Clockwork Orange [WB]
18 Prikazani Nenavisti – Police State
Rondos – A Black And White Statement [Epitaph]
Orban Gaelic Choir – Far An Robh Min Raoir [Fremeaux]



Your musical roundup of days Ten and Eleven of Sochi 2014, with more music for medals. This time round, tunes from Fennesz, Little Richard, Imperial Tiger Orchestra, Edgar Varese, The Crew Cuts, Alf Soegards Orkester, Helmettes, U202, Ichimaru, Marcus Schmickler, The Birthday Party, Ugasanie, and a whole heap more. Enjoy x

Desmond Dekker & The Aces – it Mek [Trojan]
Imperial Tiger Orchestra – Bechereka Moshete [Moi J’Connais]
Uzlyau – Kargyraa [Russian Traditions]
Edgar Varese – Interpolation 1 [Doxy]
Ichimaru – Samisen Boogie Woogie [Canary/Mississippi]
Marcus Schmickler – Risset Brain-Hammer [Editions Mego]
The Birthday Party – Happy Birthday
Lim Giang – Untitled [Sub Rosa]
Alf Sogaards Orkester – Tiger Rag
The Crew Cuts – Sh’Boom
Sroeng Santi – Baa Baa Buam Buam [Finders Keepers]
oOo – Farewell
Fennesz – Caecilia [Mego]
Helmettes – Half Twee [Epitaph]
Beachvalley – Dancing Crazy [Ponycanyon Korea]
R. Abbate, G. Bidognetti, A. Salvi & Musicisti – Ballo Per Madonna Dell’ Arco [Moi J’Connais]
Little Richard – Tutti Frutti
U202 – Straight Jacket [LIES]
Nejistota Trolejbusu – Ticket Puncher
Ugasanie – The Spirit Of Amanita



Roundup of Days Eight & Nine of Sochi 2014, featuring music for all medallists. Tune in to hear the likes of Rrose, Lubos Fiser, Alice Babs, Thomas Koner, Mouse On Mars, Karol Stoch, Cicciolina Holocaust, Fushitsusha, Catherine Ribiero, Original Low Fi, Cakes Da Killa, Martha & The Muffins, a car horn orchestra, some Tibetan monks, and a Dutch hamster. Enjoy x

Original Low Fi – Kicking The Facts [Totaldubproduction]
Mouse On Mars – Yippie [Sonig]
Alice Babs – Den Glade Vandraren
Staalplaat Soundsystem – Yokomono Pro (Ilpo Vasinen) [Staalplaat]
(Tibetan Monks) – Office Du Soir (b) [Arion]
Yoon Youn Sun – Unknown
Cicciolina Holocaust – In Tempore Non Suspecto [Forced Nostalgia]
A Dobrohotov – Kamarinskaja [Yazoo]
Anze Lindberg – Unknown
Karol Stoch – Piosenka Starego Bacy [Yazoo]
Fushitsusha – (Shire Ru) Toiukoto
Fulgeance – Remix of Antigravity by Shlohmo
Thomas Koner – Untitled [Type]
Rrose – Shepherd’s Brine [Sandwell District]
Cakes Da Killa – Break ‘Em Off [Mishka]
Lubos Fiser – The Magic Yard [Finders Keepers]
Martha & The Muffins – Echo Beach [Virgin]
Catherine Ribiero & Alpes – Ame Debout [Mercury]
DJ Marcelle – The Entertaining Mix [Klangbad]



Days Six & Seven of Sochi 2014 rounded up musically here, with medals up for grabs in speed skating, freestyle aerials, skeleton, short track, biathlon, luge relay, cross country, super combined, slopestyle, and figure skating.

So that means music for medallists from Sweden, Croatia, Belarus, Australia, USA, Great Britain, South Korea, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, China, Germany, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, and Latvia.

Tune in to hear the likes of Oni Ayhun, Kyoka, Ben Frost, Fureur, Maria Monti, Ela Orleans, Rachmaninov, FSK, Dajuin Yao, Matana Roberts, La Femme, rvan, Muslimgauze, and a whole heap more besides; whilst our daily LGBT musician is Annea Lockwood.

Back tonight at 7pm on reelrebelsradio.com to roundup Days Eight & Nine. See you all there x.

Matana Roberts – Kersaia [Costellation]
Ela Orleans – Clangers/In The Night [PG]
(Historical Recording Of) – Norwegian Whaling Festival, 1948 [Gagarin]
Dajuin Yao – Satisfaction Of Oscillation [Sub Rosa]
Maria Monti – Dove [Unseen Worlds]
Jung Nam Hee – Chungmori [Sublime Frequencies]
Martyn – Natural Selection (Flying Lotus’ Cleanse Mix) [3024]
La Femme – Nous Etions Deux [Born Bad]
FSK – I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch [Strange Fruit]
Rachmaninov – Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Minor, Op. 40; No. 3 Allegro Vivace
Mega – Abstinent Freakno
Fureur – Work Vs Play
Oni Ayhun – Untitled [OAR]
Braca Kapugi Tamburica Orchestar i Pjevacki Zbor – Tko Se Bregom Sece [Parlortone]
rvan – Go Shoplifting
Kyoka – Ish [Raster Noton]
Jerusalem In My Heart – Amanem [Constellation]
Φ – Track 3
Annea Lockwood – Fridingem To Ulm
Muslimgauze – Mustafas Cassette Market Marakesh [Staalplaat]
Ben Frost – Theory Of Machines [Planet Mu]



Join us for a roundup of Day Five of Sochi 2014, with medals awarded for alpine skiing, doubles luge, Nordic combined, halfpipe, speed skating, and figure skating, featuring tunes from Russia, Germany, Latvia, Austria, Japan, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and USA, from the likes of Nine Circles, Marcel Dettmann, Aristoff Choir, Kjetil Flatin, Astrowind, Mozart, Leonard Cohen, The Ink Spots, Gebruder Moser, Dirty Three, and Laibach; with our daily LGBT section featuring Throbbing Gristle. Enjoy x

Laibach – Industrial Ambients [Sub Rosa]
Gebruder Moser – Sennenleben [Canary]
Aristoff Choir – Vdol Po Piterskoi; Veisia Kapoustka [Yazoo]
Dettmann – Translation One [Ostgut Ton]
Mozart – Concerto For Clarinet And Orchestra In A : 3rd Movement : Rondo Allegro [Victrola]
Astrowind – The Guest
Pop Off Tuesday – Wafflehead [Pickled Egg]
Throbbing Gristle – United [Industrial]
Kjetil Flatin – Jornvrongia Springar [Parlortone]
The ink Spots – Whispering Grass [Hallmark]
Dirty Three – Some Summers They Drop Like Flys [Touch & Go]
Nine Circles – The Rose [Primary]
Leonard Cohen – Sisters Of Mercy [Columbia]



Roundup of Days Three and Four of Sochi 2014, this time out marrying super combined, slopestyle, speed skating, biathlon, halfpipe, moguls, curling, and cross country with the music of all nineteen medal winning nations of these two days of events.

On display this time, Duke Ellington, Egil ‘Bop’ Johansen, Angelo Michajlov, Sarah Neufeld, Dusty Springfield, Bratco Bibic, Youth Man, Solex, Radiokoala, Vtgnike, Liliput, and a whole heap more besides.

Crackin’ stuff, enjoy x

Orchester Wolf Gabbe – Swinging Nordwest [Crippled Dick Hot Wax]
Ferry Graf & Will Fantel Und Die Rockers – Hotel zur Einsamkeit [Trash Rock Archives]
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Take Away These Early Grave Blues [Constellation]
Wang Liliang, Wu Bien Ren, Tza Posi, Li Apa – Amukadela [Sublime Frequencies]
Solex – Not A Hoot! [Matador]
Tee Two Mariani – Le Jardinier [Macadam Mambo]
Angelo Michajlov – Saxana [Finders Keepers]
Sarah Neufeld – Hero Brother [Constellation]
Duke Ellington – Take The A Train
Egil ‘Bop’ Johansen – Samse Tak [Plastic Strip]
Bratco Bibic – Sackamra [Rough Guide]
Lars Gunnar Bodin & Bengt Emil Johnson – Cadenza III [Paradigm]
Okkyung Lee – Strictly Vertical [Soma]
Vtgnike – Panarama Bar Shit [Other People]
Youth Man – Heavy Rain
Dusty Springfield – Son Of A Preacher Man
Liliput – Die Matrosen
NHK’Koyxen – 2ndhalf [Pan]
Radiokoala – Mechanaut
Cobra Killer – Six Secs [DHR]



So here’s the deal – you win a medal, I’ll play you a tune from your country for you. Unless you’re Bristolian snowboarder Jenny Jones, in which case you’ll get three tunes from your hometown. First Brit ever to win a medal on snow dontchaknow. Nice one!

So as we move through the day’s sporting events, taking in slopestyle, luge, downhill, normal hill, speedskating, biathlon, and cross country, we’ll be trekking through Finnish tango, Slovak hip hop, Dutch punk, Canadian electronica, American jazzharp, Norwegian ambient, cool Swedish piano, Swiss yodelling, Russian classical, Ukranian electro, Italian stuck grooves, glitchy German techno, Polish opera, experimental Czech, and some Austrian trumpets.

Aside from all of that, there’s your daily L, G , B, or T musician in Gay of the Day, this time round featuring a ten-minute monster from Matmos, and a musical squizz at Winter Games debutants Paraguay, where garage, thrash metal, hip hop, and traditional flamenco are on the cards.

Tumido – Luft [Interstellar]
Giuseppe Ielasi – Unititled (third stunt) [Dekorder]
Pjusk – Dis [12K]
Dorothy Ashby – Little Sunflower [Cadet]
Olavi Virta – Siks’ Oon Ma Suruinen [Trikont]
Portishead – Glory Box [Go Beat]
Beak > – Elevator [Invada]
Downard – Victory Home Zone
Matmos – Rag for William S Burroughs [Matador]
Jodlerklub Thun – Alpafzug [Canary, Mississippi]
Jan Johansson – Berg-Kirstis Polska
The Ex – Weapons For El Salvador [Touch & Go]
DVA – Vampira [Northern Spy]
Sarcoma de Kaposi – Un Millon De Esclavos
Kria Kuervos – Soy Animal
Trio Tipico Paraguayo de Felix Perez Cardosa – Pajaro Camana [Parlortone]
MrKeibel – Stickers
Bene & Beyuz – Bozska Komedia
Vakula – You’ve Never Been To Konotop [Firecracker]
Felix Kubin – X Ray [Its]
Seque – Leaf Turning
Stravinsky – The Sacrifice [EMI]
Ewa Demarczyk – Grande Valse Brilliante



Welcome to Sochi 2014 – the winter olympics have arrived!

So, superhuman athletes aside, it seemed like a decent excuse to go trekking round the globe musically. Over the course of this series of shows, we shall be selecting tunes from each of the 88 participating nations; rounding up each day’s news; playing music for medals; some daily musical lgbt propaganda; featured sports; winter olympic debutant countries, and a few other bits.

Nick Halkias – Mperati Pogonisio [Angry Mom]
Porch Nap – Flux In Der Fluss [Fulldozer]
Kristian Haughers Jazzorkester – Norsk Jazz Fantasi 1 del/2del
Goat – Goathead [Rocket]
Elektro Guzzi – Kimbo [Macro]
Zdenek Liska – Games/Echoes [Finders Keepers]
Kemialliset Ystävät – Kivikasan Rauhassa [Fonal]
Edwin Fischer – Handel’s Chaconne, Tiel I [Dust To Digital]
Venetian Snares – Szerencsétlen; Öngyilkos Vasárnap [Planet Mu]
Melt Banana – Moon Flavor [A-Zap]
Death Grips – You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It’s Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat [Third Worlds]
2562 – Wasteland [When In Doubt]
Bong Ra – Murder You (Ruff Inna Jungle Remix) [Klangbad]
Pauline Oliveros – Three Pieces I [Important]
Faust – Krautrock [Virgin]
Tongan Chanters – Tau’a’alo [Saydisc]
Palu Vava’u Tupou & Veiongo Fakaua – Fakopo Oka To E Takapu [HMV]
Nukunuku Crowd – Hiva He Pitu Taukae [Tangent]
Guo Jing Fa – Wine Store Lovers Talking
Batuk Nandy – (instrumental film music) [Monk]
Ennio Morricone – The Encounter
Peteris Vasks – Kyrie
Choir of Guria Province – Shvidkatsa [Traditional Crossroads]