Kamikaze (Paul Ackroyd) on Reel Rebels – 25.2.15

Wicked show this. In addition to sharing duties across our NTS, Kamikaze aka Paul Ackroyd manages to hold down a brilliant slot on Reel Rebels. The online station, inspired by and taking it’s name from the late great John Peel, is a diversely stimulating collection of radio and personalities always worth randomly tuning in to.

For Paul, it’s the side of him that allows him to show just how deep and infinitely eclectic his crates and record purchases really are. Quite thankful that I’ve had a chance to catch up on these shows again from him, and recommend to all to check them out.

Starting off with a dedication to family Pettinger (too kind) from People Like Us, he soon goes on a bit of acid-exploration from Picklehead before hitting up DJ Clent and then taking a well-timed directional turn in to live music. A bit of rock rnb, dub and Sun Ra jazz to name a handful of styles, put together and narrated as only Paul can, ending with a nice few cuts from Broadcast in honour of the represses this week, and reminding me that I’m still yet to watch my copy of Berberian Sound Studio.

Fifteen tracks in total across an hour and half of radio originally broadcast 25th of last month. No track listed posted here as with these shows the surprises can be the best part and Paul announces all tracks. For those super-keen they can check the track list on his Mixcloud, from which we’ve embedded the below stream.

Big news round this way is that all the Broadcast LPs are finally getting a repress, which is handy cos my copies are all but worn out. So I’ve seen this as a good excuse to play a track from each of my battered copies at the end of the show, to demonstrate how overdue these represses have been.

Otherwise there’s some junglist juke from DJ Clent, triple dip Skylarking, that Stranger tune I can’t put down, acid styles from NHK, haunted doo-wop from Sun Ra, a tune for the new Awkmo twins, charming steel from John Gibbs + Co, rock n roll nonsense from Garland Davis and Screamin Jay, some Cat Campbell silliness, and a slab of Fela Kuti.

Enjoy x

reelrebelsradio.com, 25th February 2015.

Broadcast represses over here: https://bleep.com/release/56930-broadcast-broadcast-vinyl-albums-bundle