JTC – ‘Park Days’ EP [Hoya:Hoya]

Really digging this new plate from JTC. As the “acid-house” alias of one Tadd Mullinix aka Dabrye, the James T Cotton name has been even more consistent than his beats driven counterpart in producing quality records. Proof enough comes in the fact that this is the third JTC release of the year already, following on from a plate on the ever good Killekill label. The new EP titled Park Days is a more soulful continuation on this, building firmly in to left-field disco and house territory with four session weapon cuts less on the deep-house tip but definitely more for the play-out party.

Best of all, JTC represents the evolution of club music. Styles-upon-styles of future looking bass music, the construction of which he makes seem so easy. Raw drums and floating synths steeped in Chicago history with plenty of swing to boot, as a few critics have noted this is “machine music” at it’s finest. Look for these being rinsed across European festivals, midday and sunny, as well as lifting up basement parties over the coming months.

Although something that could equally have been released on a Rawax sub-label, it’s a really nice pairing here with the Hoya:Hoya label, the longstanding night being regular hosts of the Dabrye / JTC sound from early on. On that tip, if you’ve seen Dabrye go live you know it’s something special, and the James T Cotton DJ sets are up there with the finest in floor movers too. The opening track ‘South Brooks’ is something really special, with a touch of that Amp Fiddler movement and Motor City bump that pushes it in to perfection on a loud system.

Check out snippets from the tracks below, the wax and digital is out now at all good stores. Don’t sleep.