Joane Skyler – ‘AWS’ Cassette [Reckno]

I’m assuming this one’s flown under the radar for most, otherwise we’d be seeing much more of it everywhere.

Joane Skyler seemed to magically appear on the scene about two years ago with a cassette on Reckno titled Orz. Returning to the label that she debuted on (after a brief stop over on the Boomkat house label last year) she’s released a pretty stunning remix EP based on that first release.

The sounds of Orz were used as source material to put together eighteen new tracks; sixteen guests and then Skyler’s own new offerings under her own name and alias Black Pepper. And it’s clear that Skyler moves in our favourite circles, with Yaard and Foodman being among the names we recognise and then Grouphum and Yearning Kru being two artists we’ve not come across who’s reversionings are also definite highlights on the tape.

Grab it from the Reckno bandcamp before it runs out:

Press release below – well worth the read – and you can preview all the tracks via the bandcamp player.

via Reckno

You stride boldly across the courtyard when you hear the unmistakable sound of an archer releasing an arrow from his bow.

Do you:

A) Accept your imminent demise in a quiet and dignified fashion.

B) Release a blood curdling scream which will haunt the dreams of the archer untill the end of his days


C) Focus on the time remaining and admire the skill and accuracy of the archer and the grace and precision of the arrow as it approaches your eye, taking special care to notice the dust particles as they dance in a sunbeam which brings back a momentary yet intense feeling of euphoria and nostalgia for a simpler life in times past………

Using the music of Joane Skyler’s ‘orz’ tape as source material, the music has been re imagined into new shapes and colours by a perfectly curated team of oddballs, thinkers, outsiders and fuckheads.

Featuring the work of: Alan James Read, Blackpepper, Brogan Bentley, D.hansen, Foodman, Gila, Grouphums, Ibiza Sunrise, Jason Kerley, Joane Skyler, Kinlaw, LBNHRX, Norwell, rkss, Sue Zuki, 2Lon, Yaaard & Yearning Kru.