JMF vs KK – Illuminations: The World Of Sci-Fi Hip-Hop

In honour of #LP4080 by Strange U making the nomination list for Dead Albatross 2017, the men like Kamikaze and Jimmy Monsta Funk connected once more on a session last week, this time around exploring Sci-Fi influenced hip-hop.

In case you missed there last hookup you can revisit here:

As well as Strange U and Ras G featuring throughout, this time around they’re also calling on the likes of Death Grips, Danger Doom, Ramson Badbonez, Expressway Yo Yo Dieting, Dabrye and Kool Keith to drive the direction of the two hour session. Just check the massive track listing, posted below underneath the stream of the show.

I love this concept. And it’s worth mentioning that these are the joints coming from their own record collections and what they were pulling out at the time, revolving around Strange U. Notable exclusions such as King Geedorah, Deltron 3030, Dalek and Rammellzee only fuel the fire for a second exploration in to this world that we should definitely hook up in the near future.

Also want to take a second to shout out Original Low-Fi. Released in 2009 the group was a staple on our NTS show and one of the records – along with Muslimgauze and Ras G – that really represented the collision of our approach to records. If you’ve not checked out their debut LP Black Peppermint I highly recommend you do so.

Strange U – Illuminations [High Focus]
Original Low Fi – Dub Star [TotalDubProduction]
Death Grips – Bootleg [white]
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting – Prince Severance, Deserver [Type]
Strange U – Hank Henshaw [High Focus]
Strange U – Shots [High Focus]
Kid Koala – Fender Bender [Ninja Tune]
Badawi & Sensational – No Schnitzel [Index]
Rasmson Badbonez – What Type Of Science? [Boot]
SUPERGOD – Egor [Health]
Dabrye – Machines Pt. 1 [Ghostly International]
Kool Keith – I’m Seein’ Robots [Ruffhouse]
Boards Of Canada – Rue The Whirl [Warp]
Danger Doom – Space Ho’s [Epitaph]
MC Shan – MC Space [Cold Chillin’]
Eric B and Rakim – Follow The Leader [MCA Records]
Warp 9 – Light Years Away [Prism]
Tilt – Arkade Funk [Discotheque]
KC Flightt – Planet E (Hip Hop Mix) [RCA]
Shabazz Palaces – Welcome To Quazarz [Sub Pop]
Shabazz Palaces – Fine Ass Hairdresser [Sub Pop]
Actress – The Kettle Men [Honest JOn’s]
Actress – Credit Da Edit [Werkdiscs]
Ras G – 1Derful Beings [Ramp]
Ras G feat Rogue Venom – Jet Rendered (Raw Fruit Version) [Insect]
Sensational – Disco Lights [Disco Lights]
Moor Mother – Tell Me About It [Don Giovanni]
Chino Amobi – Kollaps [Ormolycka]
Nochexxx & Sensational – Smashing Your System [Werkdiscs]
The Beatnigs – Television [On-U Sound]
Strange U – Terminator Funk [High Focus]
Eight Frozen Modules – A Low Bite Riddim [Planet Mu]
Early One & I Jahbar – Mad [Duppy Gun]
Ras G – Crenshaw Bus [Ramp]
Ras G – Ghetto Sci Fi [PooBah]
Ras G ft Giovanni Marks – Keep It Crev [Leaving]
Ras G ft Jeremiah Jae – Black Daffi’s Revenge [Leaving]
Strange U – Grizzle [High Focus]