Jimmy Monsta Funk

Buying his first mixing desk in 1984 (inspired by an Oxford DJ named Bo Squiddley), Jimmy Monsta Funk is like the preacher from the electronic music church. The bits he writes for us are mostly based on the scene’s coming back around and deeper music history from a head who experienced it back in the day. But through a love of music and a constant to desire to learn he’s somehow achievd what few others do and stayed relevant without caring about times or scenes. The man absorbs knowledge like no one else and has played techno in every major city across the world. The everlasting influence comes from Detroit’s ‘Belleville Three’ (Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson), who in his opinion ‘have crafted some of the most amazing music and influenced a raft of budding home studio producers to release their tracks’.

Jimmy’s on a constant quest for knowledge, and shares as much as he continues to learn. He’ll be buying wax from beyond the grave.