Jimmy Monsta Funk In Session @ Rye Wax In Peckham 7.10.2016 [LDN]

Apologies for the late notice on this one, but 24 hours in London should be enough of a heads up. The one Jimmy Monsta Funk is going live for three hours at Rye Wax, South East London. Strictly wax and quality selections from one of the best personal collections I know of.

Sitting opposite Peckham Rye Station, Rye Wax is a dope underground space in the basement of CLF Art Cafe doubling as record store, comic purveyors, cafe and gallery as well as a venue. And most importantly the sound system is top notch.

We’ve waxed poetic about Jimmy Monsta Funk plenty of times here, still the best on decks that I know. It’s been a minute since his last residency at Snugg last year (live recording here: https://awkmo.co/live-recording-in-heat-of-night-snugg/l), so Friday night is something to look forward to. Get involved.

Who: Jimmy Monsta Funk
What: Three hours of wax
Where: Rye Wax, The Basement, CLF Art Cafe, 133 Rye Lane, London SE15 4ST
When: Friday 7th October 2016
Cost: Free

And if you’ve been paying attention you may’ve seen us tweeting about nine hours worth of mix that he delivered, coprising of three long time recording sessions. Going up soon, we promise. In the meantime here was his six hours worth of 2014 tracks that dropped last year on Seance.

Stream and download below: