JD Twitch Feat. Killa P & Cassio O – ‘Skeng Teng / Rockers (Tapes / South London Ordnance remixes)’ [Bucky Skank]

Last month saw the passing of Wayne Smith, the artist credited with one of the watershed recordings and seminal moments in dub reggae history, the original vocalist over the mighty ‘Sleng Teng‘ riddim.

Chapters have been (and will continue to be) written on this riddim, and it’s ongoing influence over bass influenced genres and raves. Unleashed for the first time at the now legendary Waltham Park Road session in 1985, ‘Sleng Teng’ was the first fully computerised riddim in Jamaican music, composed by Smith and King Jammy alongside keyboard player Noel Davey, who was responsible for flipping up the pattern on his cheap Casio MT-40 keyboard. Originally released as ‘Under Mi Sleng Teng‘ with tune and lyrics inspired by the great Barrington Levy’sUnder Mi Sensi‘, which itself was only a year old at the time, none knew the legacy it would go on to create.

With over 380 recorded versions, ‘Sleng Teng’ has got to be the most heard riddim of all time.

And while it always gets hype in the dance, whether a jungle rave, reggae sound system bashment or dancehall party, being as recognisable as it is it’s so much a part of the bass culture sound that we’ve been taking new versions for granted. Maybe Smith’s passing made me listen with new ears

House DJ / producer JD Twitch has confessed to an obsession with ‘Sleng Teng’, an as one-half of Optimo has succumbed to occasional half-hour sessions dedicated to the riddim. In 2012 he fulfilled the desire to create his own version with ‘Skeng Teng‘ appearing on his Soundcloud, featuring Killa P (hence ‘Skeng…’) of Roll Deep fame supplying vocals. At the time he mentioned that this would most likely be his only foray in to dancehall, mastered but never pressed.

Two years later and the same month of it’s originators passing and ‘Skeng Teng’ gets it’s vinyl release, christening a new imprint run by JD, Bucky Skank. As well as the finalised version of ‘Skeng Teng’ the A-side boasts the instrumental and a stunning remix from Tapes. Both these versions are heavy artillery, proper bass shakers with Tape’s 8-bit digi-dub stepper just another reminder of how constantly good he is.

Flip it over and we’ve got JD’s take on steppers-classic ‘Rockers‘, originally a Bunny Wailer track from ’87, voclas this time around supplied by Cassio O, who’s powerful vocals go toe-to-toe with the saturating effects for maximum impact. On this side it’s South London Ordnance giving remix duties, serving up a more than decent club floor track.

Big record this, loads of good wax stores stocking it including RWDFWD and Norman, worth picking up before it disappears. Really looking forward to seeing what else this new label brings and if it stays on this track I’m hoping to have the full collection. Check the two A-side versions below then press release underneath that.

via Bucky Skank
Bucky Skank is a new occasional label from JD Twitch created solely to focus on tracks inspired by the myriad sounds that have come out of Jamaica over the last half century.

The first 12″ takes Twitch’s long time obsession with Sleng Teng to its logical conclusion by including his take on that seminal rhythm. One of many versions he made purely for his one amusement, after roping in former Roll Deep member, Killa P to do some vocals he decided to release it and the genesis of Bucky Skank was born. This track, “Skeng Teng”, comes in vocal, instrumental and remix form, the latter by 8-bit dub wonder, Tapes.

The other side features Twitch’s take on the Bunny Wailer classic “Rockers” featuring vocals from the mysterious Cassie O plus a remix by South London Ordnance.

Not really caring where this all fits into the grand scheme of current music fads, Bucky Skank will release 12″s on an ad hoc basis covering an expansive range of Jamaican inspired sounds and no doubt a few more Sleng Teng versions along the way too, roping in various friends and associates to contribute.