Jahtari x Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem – ‘Level Up!’ Cassette [Jahtari, Uprooted Sunshine]

Very big cassette drop here that we had to get straight in to the headphones the second it arrived in the post. Glad we held out for the physical format of Level Up! before listening, as this is a heavy heavy mix, based around selections from one of the finest catalogues in dub that features some of the most amazing and underrated artists in the scene today.

We all know the Jahtari label as the finest purveyors of electronic dub among other things, and their site is a constant hangout if only for the virtual tape mixes and gear-porn pictures. Disrupt and Rootah live what they preach, directing parts of the culture that have risen up around them. The Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem crew are among those followers, coming together from all corners of the globe, converging in Shanghai in 2005, and killing it ever since.

Mixed by Blaise Devill out of Switzerland, the tape appears to be comprised exclusively of Jahtari catalogue – including a few unreleased bits – selected and blended for a top-notch listen. I love digidub on cassette, the lo-fi attitude suits it perfectly, and listening to this on the yellow walkman whilst bouncing around public transport is bliss. The Super Nintendo style packaging is yet another added bonus.

For those yet to update back to cassette technology you can also stream the full thing online, embedded below above with te full thirty-three Jahtari tune track list underneath. If you’re a purist of dub or new to the sound altogether I really recommend checking this out, it’s bound to cross a few bridges.

via Jahtari
Mind blowing mix by Blaise DeVille and the whole extremely international crew from Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem in Shanghai / China, rolling up tons of past, present and future Jahtari
tracks into one fat reel that will most likely cause some hitherto unseen excitement to your bassbins. Featuring a load of exclusively recorded vocals in at least four (!) different languages
by Chacha, Arminda with her smooth Brazilian flow, Esia killing it in French, Didjelirium from Tahiti rinsing it big time, the Part2Style posse from Tokyo / Japan – plus a whole battery of FX guns, KungFu movie samples and even bigups from Clive Chin (!) this gem is an absolute must in your
boombox! (And let’s not forget the previews of a bunch of-soon-to-come Jahtari releases by Solo Banton and Soom T!).

Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem is a crew of bass addicts from all over the globe, who met up in Shanghai / China in 2005 to organize regular killer events that would make any venue in
Berlin blush with shame, at China’s only underground club: The Shelter. The totally outer-national posse includes our hero Gaz Williams (UK) – who essentially brought sound system culture to China, Blaise Deville (Switzerland), who did this any many other fine mixes, obviously having no alternative than becoming a deadly DJ, after being christened with the perfect DJ name by his parents. Regularly destroying it on the mic in Shelter’s bowels are also Chacha (China), Arminda (Brazil), Esia (France) and Didjelirium (Tahiti).

Solo Banton – Kung Fu Master
El Fata – El Fata Ina The Dancehall
Cha Cha – They Lie
Didjelirium – They Lie
Soom T – Lying Bastards
Arminda – Canta
Black Chow – Wonderland
Instruktah D – Bomb Their Circles
Zeb & Scotty – Bring The Sensi
Arikan Simba – Protect I
Disrupt – Berzerk Dub
Esia – Babifrance
Rub-A-Dub Market – Fever
Solo Banton – Talk To Me
Arminda – Minha
Clause Four – Whiskey Bar
Pupajim – International Farmer
Disrupt – Kozure Okami
Rootah – Elders Version
Illyah & Ltd. Candy – Out In The Desert
Tapes – Fatty Bass Bum
Didjelirium – In Your Pocket
Cha Cha – Media Control
Pupajim – I Am A Robot
Soom T – Push It
Hopeton Lindo – Rude Boy
Esia – Calottes
Esia – Caliblero
Solo Banton – No
Tapes – Gun Dance
Cha Cha – Money Slaves
Jahtari Riddim Force – Depth Charge
Didjelirium – Rizzla