Iskeletor – ‘Gallows / WA’ 7″ [Boomarm Nation]

Very cool 7″ drop here on the Boomarm Nation label, who continue to throw up new sounds of the highest quality with every release. In fact, between them and the PDXINDUB camp I’m starting to wonder what they’re putting in the water in Portland, and if we can get some over here.

Coming off the back of a big year of El Mahdy Jr., the label has once again gone to Wester Asia / East Europe for their release schedule. Iskeletor is Kerem Sevinçli, hailing from Turkey and coming armed with a reputation in the punk and noise scenes there. This plate seems to be the debut under the name Iskeletor, and a far step towards cleaner samples based beats.

All about ‘Gallows’ here, a wicked A-side. The formula isn’t overly complicated, we’ve heard blues and wailing folk songs edited under beats before, but there’s something distinctly chilling about the track that makes it stand out. We’ve got to assume that the language in the sample is Turkish, and the dusty vocal strains are hit hard by the necksnap beats.

The track eventually breaks down with horns and drums crowding the basic rhythm, disappearing again on the perfect note. Big tune that’ll kick around your head for time.

Flip it over and ‘WA’ is your post-dubstep, noisy club raver, balancing out a dope plate, and agian throwing up something new in this vein. The plate comes wrapped in a pretty stunning sleeve, and for those on the preorder you also get a poster worth framing.

At last check there was only about thirty of the 500 release left on the bandcamp page, so make sure you move quick:

Worth pointing out too that this 45 is in fact a single wax-release to a full-length cassette counterpart. Evidently it’s more of a beat-tape, and while we’re not had the chance to check grab it yet, it’s definitely on the list off the back of this 7″.

via Boomarm Nation

İskeletor is the music of Istanbul-based artist Kerem Sevinçli, an active voice in the Turkish DIY punk and noise scenes. Distilling the hard edges of noise and experimental music with the bombast and hypnotic structures of sample based music, İskeletor’s music plays like a fever state. Hard rhythms swing razor sharp, cloaked in layers of noise and melody, arranged with both a playfulness and a refinement that feels fresh and ready to burn up your speakers. Iskeletor is a fervent voice from the new Turkish underground. 

Inspired by the pioneering work of Turkish audio abstractionist Serhat Köksal (2/5bz), zine pioneer Esat C. Basak, his associations with Istanbul based netlabel Tektosag, and the much revered club nights Pixie and Peyote. Sevinçli pulls energy from the creative fires shared in a community of independent and experimental Turkish artists. With İSKELETOR he pushes forward a new wave of sound. 

Boomarm Nation is proud to present the music of Iskeletor in a two part physical collection: A limited edition sound system-ready 7″, followed by a collection of beats released on Cassette and Digital formats.