‘In The Heat Of The Night’ @ Snugg In Brixton – 7.6.14 [LDN]

A bit more of a heads up on this one than last time, and I’ve promised to keep the hype down. Jimmy Monsta Funk and crew are headed back down to what’s becoming their regular monthly residency. In The Heat Of The Night‘ returns to Snugg in Brixton the weekend after next; heads-know vibes all the way.

To be honest, I’m still kept in the dark as to the origin of the night’s title, taken from 1960’s book and film of the same name. What we do know though is that this is some of the best skills on deck and selection you’re going to hear, wax all the way in a wicked venue.

No music styles, no labels or tags, no DJs named, and those playing on the night aren’t even telling each other what they might be preparing. Just a well prepared flier, which allows the viewer to think what the music and outlay would be. ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ is where Jimmy Monsta Funk shares his music minus the fuss, and that’s the beauty of the session.

Full details right down the bottom, flyer above, and just for good measure here’s a mix from Jimmy Monsta Funk for Awkward Movements Sessions a little while back.

What: In The Heat Of The Night – DJ Sets
When: 8-11pm, Friday 7th of June
Where: Snugg @ Brixton – 74 Brixton Village Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8PS
Snugg is delighted to welcome the music consultancy team responsible for the soundtrack to the soon to be released Hollywood remake of the 1967 award winning IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT. Stereo procured, please come join us as they share their favourite records in this free unrestricted selection….