‘In The Dark: Voices’ Detroit Doco / ‘In The Dark (The Soul Of Detroit)’ CD / LP Rerelease

We’ve covered a lot of ground on documentaries relating to techno and the electronic music of Detroit, those who can’t do preach and all that. In The Dark: Voices is probably the most relaxed one we’ve seen though, where the subjects seem familiar with their sounds and surroundings. It may be the most amateurishly shot one too, but it’s not devoid of passion and  feels natural, perfectly in place with the DIY ethos that gave Detroit such an important music history.

The online release of this 30 minute doco is in correlation with the news that Still Music will be repressing a double LP from 2005, a six track vinyl release and twelve track CD that became an instant classic and essential rarity. In the Dark (The Soul Of Detroit) collected a handful of heads from the Motor City that have become even more recognisable now, including the don that is Marcellus Pittman, Rick Wilhite, Delano Smith and others. All still creating and exploring the city’s unique soul on a daily basis, and this is snapshot of them doing that in 2005.

I wasn’t buying anything but hip-hop from Detroit at the time, mad excited for the repress. Details and documentary below.

via Still Music
In The Dark: Voices is a movie produced by Still Music in 2005. This movie is the companion to the In The Dark: The Soul Of Detroit double CD that will be released on Still Music in April 2012. The compilation will also be available on D12″.

This critical repress of the rare first full length on Still Music is a stunning genuine picture of the underground electronic scene in Detroit. A full package beginning with an exclusive 12-track CD, In The Dark: The Soul Of Detroit featuring some of Detroit’s most influential producers including Amp Fiddler, Rick ‘The Godson’ Wilhite, Mike Huckaby, Kenny Dixon Jr. (Moodymann), Keith Worthy, Malik Alston, Delano Smith and many others.

To shed a light over the mystique of the Detroit scene, we are proud to present In The Dark: Voices – a 30 min film directed by Chris Bravo featuring exclusive footage and interviews from Rick “The Godson” Wilhite, Ron Trent, Mike Grant, Mike Huckaby, Franki “DJ 3000” Juncaj, Keith Butts, Pirahnahead & Diviniti, Paul Randolph, Malik Alston, E man, and Norm Talley, among others.