Hoya Hoya & Night Slugs @ Fabric

Hoya:Hoya crew absolutely smashed Fabric on Friday night, as did Night Slugs for that matter, who delivered an impressive lineup of fam including Bok Bok, Julio Bashmore and Kingdom working the decks brilliantly. The star of that stage though was L-Vis 1990 performing live for the Neon Dreams album launch, giving us something really special to witness as himself and collaborators on stage worked their asses off for the crowd. From a DJs point of view though, Room 2 with Hoya was a vicious reminder of just how far ahead of the game the Manchester based collective really are.
We were there from early doors, with Illum Sphere being joined by Blue Daisy, Eclair Fifi, Johnny Dub and Eliphino delivering all night at the high level we’ve come to expect. We’ve got to give special shout out Jon K though. I’m definitely not the only one saying this, but every time I catch him on decks he blows me away. One of the best DJs I’ve ever seen and he’s constantly taking it to the next level.
Timmy K somehow managed to break a flash gun (?) within 15 mins of entering, presenting some technical difficulties for the rest of the night. The result was that not all the shots turned out as planned, but he still captured some brilliant moments from both rooms.