Hoya Hoya Announces New Residents

Not ignoring the momentous offering of Plastic People’s FWD and CD-R nights, in my humble opinion Hoya Hoya has officially become the UK’s most important club night. Where else but their regular haunt at the Roadhouse in Manchester, the Hoya crew returned in fine form over the long weekend, announcing their new residents for a memorable night.

Johnny Dubs and Illum Sphere have brought in a rotating lineup of Hoya residents including Werk Discs / Magic Wire artist Lone, who’s recent Pineapple Crush 10″ blew us all away, Manchester deck legend Jonny K, Krystal Kleer and Eclair Fifi.

As the crew’s set to be on rotation, Saturday was something special as the only time in the foreseeable future they’ll all be playing together. To top it off Kutmah was in from LA for his first Manchester date, and Brainfeeder’s Lorn was booked to close things off.

A big lineup that didn’t disappoint. I caught up with the crew individually, for a Shook! podcast that’ll be dropping with their first label release (‘Shhhhhhhhhh!’), and I know it’s cruel to post flyers after the night, but got to give props where props are due. Also need to mention EMN on visuals and Chunky on mic who both are at the top of their respected fields. I can’t remember last time I’ve even heard about a night this good, certainly not one that goes from hip-hop, to Chicago jack house, to bass and electronica with everything in between.