Have Your Ashes Pressed On To Vinyl


I just got put on to a company to ease vinyl heads about their expiring time on earth. And Vinyly or R.I.V. (Rest In Vinyl) are a European based business that offers a package to let you live on in the medium of vinyl records. Once cremated they will use your ashes to press a short run of records.

For the price of €3000 you get 30 records, 12 minutes of recorded audio on each side (be it music, a farewell message or the minimal approach of silence as your soul creates the pops and crackles on the record) in a full colour sleeve done by either James Hague of the National Portrait Gallery or street artist Paul Insect.

You’ve also got additional add-ons such as locked-groove loops, bespoke music made to order and a distribution service to get your record in to stores all across the world. My personal favourite touch is the fact that if you’d still like to be buried or donate to medical science you can specify only one limb or body part to see immortality as a wax plate, and leave the rest to the family to dispose of. The service is also offered to loved pets, Sparky’s bark or Mrs Whiskers purr recorded and played at later date on a 12″ made up from their ashes.

Alternatively you could just get one of their t-shirts when they come back in stock at their gift shop.