Hannah Peel vs Kamikaze ‘Space Mix’ for BBC 6Music

Something nice to kick the year off here. Last season’s Dead Albatross winnerHannah Peel, stepped in to session with Dead Albatross creator Paul Ackroyd aka Kamikaze for a twenty minute mix from space. Put together for Tom Ravenscroft’s show on BBC Radio 6 it was originally broadcast last Friday on his show, leaving you about 26 days to listen to it before it disappears.

On a side note, we should try and get Tom Ravenscroft in as prime minsiter. The man’s an absolute gent, who not only played our records across the airwaves when we were releasing but always took time for a chat and to receive the plates in person that we’d hand him in the reception of BBC an hour or so before before he went on air. Long may he reign as the champion of unheard music.

Featuring a few from Ras G, Sun Ra, Death Comet Crew and of course something from the Irish songstress herself it’s a heady listen that you should feel free to blaze to. Full mix is embedded below with track list underneath it again.

The Qualities – Happy New Year To You! (excerpt)
‘Sun Ra – The Early Singles 1955-1962’ 2LP
Black Rooster, ROO68006

(Bells) – Impressions of London (Recorded by Stanley Roper UK c. 1929)
‘Victrola Favourites’ 2CD
Dust To Digital, DTD 11
~Actual Recording of Big Ben and Traffic noises.

Phnong – New Year Party (excerpt)
‘Gongs Of Cambodia & Laos’ 2LP
Tiger Gong, TIGER GONG 01
~6 cengs hit with fist and one brass bracelet hitting one gong, in Bousra, Mondolkiri, Cambodia, April 2007

Laurie Spiegel – A Folk Study
‘The Expanding Universe’ 2CD
Unseen Worlds, UW09

-[Hannah Peel spoken introduction]-

Sun Ra – Space Is The Place (snippet)
‘Space Is The Place’ CD
Impulse!, IMP 12492

Ras_G and The Afrikan Space Program – Back On The Planet
‘Back On The Planet’ 2LP
Brainfeeder, BF039

Death Comet Crew – Deep space woman
‘Ghost Among The Crew’ 2LP
Diagonal – DIAG006

The Space Lady – Ballroom Blitz
‘The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits’ CD
Night School, LSSN20CD

BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Space Rocket Takes Off (snippet)
‘Out Of This World’ LP

Sun Ra – Space Is The Place (excerpt)
‘Space Is The Place’ CD
Impulse!, IMP 12492

Pop-Off Tuesday – Unwordly
‘Pop-Off Tuesday’ LP
Pickled Egg, Egg 5

Gustav Holst – Mars, The Bringer Of War (excerpt)
‘The Planets’ CD, London Symphony Orchestra
Delta Music, 5020

Sun Ra – Space Is The Place (snippet)
‘Space Is The Place’ CD
Impulse!, IMP 12492

Ras_G – Imamu’s Time (snippet)
‘Down2Earth Vol.2 (The Standard Bap Edition)’ LP
Leaving Records, LR051

Antonio Sanches – Pinta Manta
‘Space Echo : The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed’ 2LP
Analog Africa, AALP 080

Morton Subotnik – Silver Apples Of The Moon (excerpt)
‘Silver Apples Of The Moon’ LP
Karlrecords/Wergo, KR014

BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Venusian Spacelab
‘Out Of This World’ LP

Suzanne Ciani – Paris 1971 (excerpt)
‘Lixiviation, Ciani/Musica Inc, 1969-1985’ CD
Finders Keepers Records, FKR053CD

Hannah Peel – The Planet of Passed Souls
‘Mary Casio : Journey To Cassiopeia’ LP
My Own Pleasure, MOP08V

German Army – Arka
‘Disquiet’ LP
Discrepant, CREP33

Old Komm – Sky Scrap (excerpt)
‘Disquiet’ LP
Discrepant, CREP33

Alex O Smith – Kosmos 1402
‘Plesetsk Cosmodrome’ 12″

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