Gonzo – ‘Radio Kampala’ / ‘Skull Cave’ 7″ [Discrepant]

Feel like this one might’ve slipped under the radar given that it was initially pushed out as a free wax giveaway from Discrepant. Don’t be fooled by label boss Gonzo’s generosity here, as this isn’t a bonus throwaway. This is a 45 – stamped with ‘Visions of Congo‘ across the sleeve – of two stand out cuts.

It’s a proper trip on the A-side, built from some pretty raw source material. Starting off with metallic percussion of sorts it’s a good two minutes of ritualistic variance on a basic pattern and occasional low-end elements that sound as if they could go in to UK funky, before the track morphs in to twisting modular synth and battered voice recordings. Chopped and hammered as it is, ‘Radio Kampala’ is far from an abrasive listen or uncomfortable listen until closer to the end where it’s earned your attention by building it up. It’s a journey just over seven minutes of length on the same wavelength as less edited East African field recordings from earlier decades. It retains the spirit of “ancient animastic traditions” which was the goal of the track to begin with.

On the flip you’ve got ‘Skull Cave’ – sliced up recordings of dictators, machine guns and a boxing match drawn from East African sources of radio and field workings. It’s heavier on the repetition but also in the complexity of building rhythms for each section of the track. As above it’s all about keeping that rough tribal vibe, and as an audio experience it takes you there through a soundscape of four distinct sections. So much skill has gone in to sewing these pieces together, get the headphones in for this one.

Originally sent out with purchases from the Discrepant store for the month of January, the record’s now available for general consumption from all good record stores. Hand stamped, limited and mastered by the great Rashad Becker, get on it quick.

via Discrepant

Exclusive limited white label single from Gonzo. Exploring the depths of East African religious beliefs from ancient animistic traditions to the more recent christian evangelic trends. On B side a more tongue in cheek take on east african dictators’ advice and other field recording madness.

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