Going Good Records Launching With Moon B – Video & Mix

Just a quick video post this one, more info on the record closer to the release date, but with the constant fascination and love of archive soundtracked by house we wanted to share this around asap. Phonica-fam Brian Not Brian and a chap named Salik are launching their new label – Going Good Records – with a release from Atlanta analogue record don Moon B. GOOD001 is set to be a a six-track 12″ released limited styles early next year, currently titled Entropic Feelings EP.

Proper lo-fi tape-drenched dubbed out jams, reminiscent of the druggier pieces on Morelli’s L.I.E.S. label, this is the music we love and need more of. Planning to spend some time on the hunt for more Moon B, who’s been picking up heat lately after the signing to PPU, his debut record with the label dropping end of this week. Evidently there’s a hard to find tape kicking around too which is the next piece we’re keen to get a hold of.

Judging by the On The Hill podcasts, and the reputations for record love and expertise that the Going Good Records crew have earned, we know this label is going to be curated with spot on releases. We’ve only heard two tracks from the forthcoming plate by Moon B (including Untitled 4 which you can check out below) but already fiending for the wax to drop.

Check the video below, right before the press release. Underneath that a bit of a pre-release treat in the form of a mix that was gifted to us a few weeks back a vinyl only, one-take mix recorded at his “secret studio spot”, get on the download.

Going Good Records are proud to present their debut vinyl release the “Entropic Feelings EP”, A dusted 6 track EP of analogue DIY House jams recorded deep in Atlanta GA by the mysterious Moon B, A bonafide hardware freak & $1 bin record digger par excellence.

Moon has privately released 1 cassette album previously full of more grainy, Lo-Fi goodness which will see a vinyl release before the end of this year courtesy of Washington DC’s dope People’s Potential Unlimited label (PPU).

Sometimes Moon’s music makes you want to get on the floor & slam-dance, lost in the fog & strobes while other times it sounds like your box is chewing up your tape mid trip while keeping the beat. Both outcomes we find extremely rewarding but we’ll let you judge for yourself.