GG Alien & GSD (Dem Hunger) – More Pregnancy EP

For those that just know Dem Hunger as the guy who changes his name and who posts on twitter in capitals, it’s time to get educated about his music. His releases as Dem Hunger and Wanda Group were the type of underground goodness purchased by all on recommendation, fast making him a “producer’s producer” to stay on top of.

Come Monday he’s dropping new tracks on the often underrated Astro:Dynamics, billed as a split release between his aliases GSD and the brilliantly tributed GG Alien. Half loop driven dirtiness with Bag Lady #31 Very B and half noise beauty, More Pregnancy is balanced on two extreme opposite ends of his artistic spectrum. Very few artists could pull this off but fortunately for Dem Hunger he’s in the minority. Both joints served up are highly addictive listening and impressively structured.

Check the press release below, and underneath you can stream the first track off of the digital release that’ll be available exclusively through Boomkat initially.

via Astro:Dynamics

Louis Johnstone is back with the next release on the Astro:Dynamics label, ‘More Pregnancy’. Most will know him from his Dem Hunger alias, under which he released the much praised Caveman Smack tape on Matthewdavid’s Leaving Records imprint early last year – and went on to seriously mangle Gonjasufi’s ‘SuzieQ’ for The Caliph’s Tea Party remix album on Warp Records, followed up by a split 7” release with Cupp Cave.

Others may also be aware of Johnstone’s work as Wanda Group – having released the ‘Bass Urine’ cassette early this year on the ultra-cool NNA Tapes label. Johnstone isn’t so much of new face as it may seem however, having released work under a wide array of aliases for a few years now. A DIY artist through and through, he creates wonderful avant collages – often rather extreme in their nature in the vein of Power Electronics, and on other occasions sublime and immersive with a Radiophonic edge. He also spends his spare time creating visual collages utilizing found images – you can check those out on his (now abandoned) ‘Shelley Duvall’ blog, or on his tumblr ‘Alien Pisshead’.

This particular release is intended to be seen as a split release involving two aliases, GSD and GG Alien, and contains two tracks ‘Hair Tonic for Longer Hair’ (credited to the former) and ‘Bag Lady #31 Very B’ (credited to the latter) – we aren’t going to attempt to get into describing these tracks, but we love them dearly, and hope that you do too.

GSD (Dem Hunger) – Hair Tonic for Longer Hair by Astro:Dynamics