Georgia Anne Muldrow – ‘Ms One’ Teaser Video / Forthcoming Rap EP [SomeOthaShip Connect]

It was soon after she was announced as the first female artist on the Stones Throw roster that I encountered Georgia Anne Muldrow. Given a day to absorb the album before interviewing over the phone, I still remember clearly how much those early few listens of her music moved me. Calling friends, playing it to them down the phone, it was exactly what I’d been searching for at the time; bringing back the jazz in to hip-hop, and the multi-instrumentalist funk over genuine soul vocals, it was a pretty flawless debut.

Dialling in for that interview it went straight in to her home number, no access pins or conference call setups, just chatting to Georgia at her house with now-husband Dudley Perkins aka Declaime. And while I was stoked to be interviewing the lady responsible for this incredible album, Georgia was so appreciative and thankful that we’d been listening to her. Even years later when I met her after a show, that sincerity was still there, even more-so if anything; pure joy for life and music in particular that comes through in her work. Then and since, Georgia is just an amazing person, with next level talent in the studio, including her lyrical soul workings to date.

Similar to her husband’s return to singing as Dudley Perkins – as opposed to rapping as Declaime – Georgia’s expanding her style and releasing her first rap workings later this month. Titled Ms. One, the EP is coming to us via her own co-founded imprint SomeOthaShip Connect on June 24th, not to be confused with the mixtape-styled Georgia Anna Muldrow presents…Ms. One & The Gang from 2009. We’ve only heard a few snippets outside of the below teaser, but we can say that it’s sounding pure fire.

With youtube a daily staple, so many slick videos creep by nowadays. Do yourself a favor and don’t let this one go by. A beautifully shot time lapse, stencil-themed piece of art. Out to Juse One, the artist featured replicating the album cover all over the city, and especially Kriswontwo for the video itself.

via SomeOthaShip Connect
Georgia Anne Muldrow announces the release of her first Rap EP titled ‘Ms. One’ on June 24th via SomeOthaShip Connect. The EP was produced by Danish producer Kriswontwo and will feature 5 original songs + the instrumentals. The EP will be released June 24th and the pre-order will be available on May 27th via SomeOthaShip’s Bandcamp –