‘Geektown Detroit’ – The Illustrated History Of The Motor City’s Techno Scene

Really stunning work here from Berlin based graphic design and illustration student Sandra Leidecker. Geektown Detroit is the name given to her (as yet unfinished) book project, showcasing the history of techno in Detroit through her illustrations. What started as a thesis for Leidedker quickly gathered steam and became a physical prototype book, an exhibition, a series of prints and now an ongoing journey towards a completed publication.

Since 2012 Leidecker’s been documenting her work on her blog by the same name, leaking out previews, offering prints for sale, throwing up sketches, photos of studios and generally keeping us up to date on her thesis for Bauhaus University. The project culminated in an exhibition hosted at weARTgalerie in Weimar, and a launch night we wish we’d been at.

There’s only a handful of ‘prototype’ books that have been doing the rounds, but what we’ve seen looks amazing. As with any decent project of this sorts, the ideas need to be revisited and reworked until the artist is happy, and the last updates seem to suggest that Leideker is now on her way to Detroit to collect more first-hand information for the theory section of what will be the published and for sale version of Geektown Detroit. She’ll be there for Movement, peeps looking to publish should definitely reach out.

Genuinely excited about getting my hands on this. We’re big fans of not just of the theme but of Leidecker’s style, and more importantly the dedication she’s put in to making this something special.

Check some photos below, only a handful of the thirty or so completed drawings, and stay on top of the blog and purchase prints from the Geektown Detroit online home here: http://geektowndetroit.tumblr.com/