Free Music From Don’t Be Afraid – Photonz / Mr Beatnick / Semtek / Claws For? (DBA Unreleased Vol. 1)

To inaugurate the launch of the label website –’t Be Afraid are giving away tracks from their impressive roster of electronic dons. It was just over 12 months ago that the DBA took everything next level, kicking off a relentlessly stunning run of plates, starting with the release of the West Acyd Shelter 12″ from label boss Semtek. That same record also introduced me to the Portugese duo of Photonz, who came back around on DBA earlier this year with another personal favorite in the form of the four-track Love Spectre EP.

Backing it up with Pizza (complete with DJ 3000 remix) and two plates from Mr Beatnik (the much hyped Sun Goddess EP and Synthetes) and we’re talking about one of the undergrounds most important labels of late. All pressed on wax, and all coming it at under £7 from the more expensive physical stores, it’s a quality operation.

The man behind DBA is Benji Semtek, a work horse dedicated to the cause who’ll be holding it down long after many have fallen by the way side. We had the pleasure of working with him on our last release, Bento (AWK007) which he and Scott Fraser absolutely smashed.

On top of the DBA releases he’s found time to curate the Spargel Trax series and next month (I think?) we’ll witness the unveiling of DBA Dubs, a third sub-label on the level to keep up with the creative output. The first of these – DUB001 – is coming from Claws For?, and is sounding spot on. Definitely looking forward to picking up that on 10″ when it does drop, and not far behind it will be Semtek’s full length album.

Proper big ups, not many (if any) could retain that level of output as producer, DJ and label boss while keeping such a high standard.

Anyway, as we started talking about way up the top, alongside the new site, once you sign up for the newsletter you get to download tracks from the core crew.