Foodman – ‘Are Kore’ Digital Album [Dubliminal Bounce]

While we don’t normally step out on download releases, such is the obsession and how far this one surprised us, we thought we’d weigh in. Japan based Foodman has, in a relatively short-space of time, become on of my favourite artists.

We first spotted him on wicked cassette from Digitalis titled 「IROIRO」 a twenty-six track affair of addictive 8-bit styled footwork and experimental jams. It properly blew my mind, causing me to rinse it for weeks and take it around to play for anyone with a cassette deck, and eventually causing me to lose my physical copy.

A quick bit of homework turned up an earlier release on the Orange Milk label, Shokuhin, done in the same vein of 1 – 2 minute tracks at a frantic pace with the same Nintendo styling computer vibes, also released on cassette. This delivered exactly more of what I wanted, upbeat and uptempo with sounds that get inside your head to inspire; a sound that I was now associating with Foodman.

In comes Are Kore the latest collection of tracks from Foodman, released digitally from Dubliminal Bounce. Expecting more of what got us hooked, we were definitely thrown for the first day or so of listening, and since have become even more captivated with what Foodman does.

Notably, the average track time on Are Kore is about double. Eleven joints across thirty-four minutes seems like Foodman has set out to evolve his unique sound. Moving from shorter loop based offerings, Foodman has worked his layers in to full composition, with two tracks even containing vocals. Aristophanes featuring on one particular joint takes it to a whole new level.

It’s a much darker vibe as well, but as engaging as his previous works. There’s only one area on the release where we feel a bit lost with what’s going on, but Foodman quickly returns it back with a longer juke jam. This is composition versus ideas, and a release we may look back on as the turning point for Foodman’s sound, possibly even for the footwork sound full-stop.

After a few days of listening we really dig this more and more. And while we can’t wait for more of those original short, game-synth styled offerings, Are Kore is certainly an extension of what got us hooked originally.

Stream a few tracks from the Dubliminal Bounce below, then head over here to buy them: