FBi 10th Anniversary ‘Liquid Electric’ – 30.8.13

I had the pleasure of stepping back in to FBi radio last Friday night, guesting with Martin Peralta on Liquid Electric. Hosted by Andrew Maxam over the last six years, Liquid Electric has been an essential mainstay on Sydney FM radio, evolving with and dictating sounds for new producers and styles. In line with the station’s creed, Maxam’s been pushing known and unknown Sydney artists alongside sounds from the international underground, and in my opinion deserves all the praise that comes his way.

A lot of stuff started for me in the FBi studios, years back and up until I left for the UK, first producing shows and segments then additionally presenting my own weekly two hours on a Wednesday. It’s where I learned Pro Tools and editing, about taking on new music, the importance of local scenes and most importantly where I fell in love with live radio. Sitting at 94.5 on the FM dial, FBi’s policy of 50% Australian music and 50% of that from Sydney has made it a culturally important part of the city it gives back to, run and funded by volunteers and supporters. I have a LOT to thank the likes of Meagan Loader, Dan Zilber, Stu Buchanan, Marc Fennell and Chris Twite for.

Last Friday was some of the loosest radio we’ve made in a while, but damn it was fun., almost like returning home. Andrew, Martin and I went three-for-three all night, extending the show past it’s usual two hour slot with a one am cut-off till three in the morning, proper vibes.

Track list below, though somewhat shortened by the fact that we lost interest in updating it after the first few hours. You can check out the archive recordings for a few more days, until this Friday’s show goes live. As the extension came from a partial hijacking of the show after us, you can listen back in two parts, hit us up if you want download.

The first two hours: http://ondemand.fbiradio.com/restream/liquid-electric/2013-08-30
The second two hours: http://ondemand.fbiradio.com/stream.php?show=frequency&date=2013-08-31

Rough tracklist:
DJ Krush – Only The Strong Survive
Hudson Mohawke – Only The Strong Survive
Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass
The Baggsmen – Long Strong Diamond
Kidzen – Sweet Happening
Burial – Distant Lights
Farben – FF
Sensate Focus – 6B
Suns of Arqa – Acid Bends (Muslimgauze Remix)
Ali Ag Amoumine – Excerpt from Takamba Side A
Four Tet – Kool FM
South London Ordnance – System
Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Poxymusic’s No School Remix)
DJ Rolando – Night Of The Jaguar
In Flagranti – Just Gazing (Robag Wruhme Remix – Joakim Edit)
Luke Vibert – I Love Acid
Itinerant Dub – Monkey
Sun Ra – Door Of The Cosmos (Machinedrum Remix)
Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir – GJ
Shigeto – Detroit Part 1
Gareth Psaltis – Static Release
Philogresz – Emerald
Metro Area – Muira
Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Scratch

THIS JUST IN: With Maxam out of action Martin and I are stoked to be asked to come back around this Friday. Get locked for some live electronic radio, FM 94.5 or http://fbiradio.com for the stream.