Everything Is Everything – DJ Mag Top 10

For those that may’ve missed the October issue of DJ Mag we wanted to pull up and highlight the ‘Top Ten’ feature from one of our favourite selectors in London.

Everything is Everything is the alias belonging to one Neal Birnie, the DJ and collector who you may know as the cat behind the counter at Sounds Of The Universe with impeccable taste and crazy knowledge. As well as looking after the the SOTU Soul 45 plates, word spreading is that there’s a mix CD coming in November, guaranteed to be fire.

From my own experience, I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who loves music as much as he does. The way he digs, listens and shares records is pure excitement, as infectious as it is genuine. Fortunately for us, he loves to play records, and the Suncut radio show on NTS is one of the regular places you can hear him selecting check the latest archive for that show on the homepage here: http://www.nts.live/shows/sun-cut/

If that’s not enough for now then you can go to the Soundcloud page where you can hear a few other mixes from earlier in the year, including Everything Is Everything featuring on Ben UFO’s Rinse.fm show: https://soundcloud.com/everything_is_everything

Wax always, the appreciation of music is reflected in sound quality as well, and his long-time-coming self-built setup is something we’re waiting to see photos of. We’ll get them up here as soon as they drop, but in the meantime thought it’d be worthwhile bringing his ‘Top Ten’ to life with the words jacked from the magazine and tracks stolen from youtube.

Big ups Everything Is Everything, absolutely killing it. Watch this space for the mix CD drop and when you see him playing live make sure you get down. You think you know soul? Chances are that you’re in for an education watching Neal spin.

1. Universal Robot Band – ‘Barely Breaking Even’ [Moonglow]

Patrick Adams and Gregory Carmichael take charge on this infectious head down, eyes closed production with Leroy Burgess singing on the struggle of being skint but wanting to go and dance.

2. Cerrone – ‘Hooked On You’ [Black Star]

Perfection from start to finish, the bass, the strings, the piano, everything on this record gels so naturally – Jocelyn Brown at her absolute best.

3. War – ‘The World Is A Ghetto (Special Disco Mix) [MCA]

Monster instrumental disco version of a classic! It’s one of those records you’re just not allowed to fade out, a good toilet break record too!

4. Skye – ‘Ain’t No Need’ [Booton]

A glorious, soulful, looped jam from LA with deep gospel-tinged vocals, big end-of-night tune!

5. Split Decision Band – ‘Watchin’ Out’ [Network Records]

I had to nearly skip one month’s rent to get a copy. I quickly discovered that beans on toast every night wasn’t actually that bad!

6. The Loving Sisters and Their Sons – ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ [Peacock]

This is the track off of an amazing gospel album where The Loving Sisters teamed up with each of their sons to create this trippy cosmic spacey joint – way ahead of it’s time! Mr Scruff is to thank for this one!

7. Bob Williams – ‘I’m Alright’ [Nad-Lyn]

Killer 45 that never leaves my box, an uplifting and fast-paced groove, shouting (literally) that ‘Bob’s alright’!

8. Sun Palace – ‘Rude Movements’ [Passion]

A unique mid-tempo deep and quirky instrumental from 1981. They really made good use of that pitchbend wheel! Turn the lights off!

9. Winfield Parker – ‘I Wanna Be With You’ [P&L]

This has been a massive 45 on the soul scene for years (so I’ve been told). Really uplifting vocals, killer horn section – ’70s soul at it’s best.

10. Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes – ‘Bad Luck’ [Philadelphia International]

It’s a classic! Teddy Pendergrass: Philly International’s answer to Marvin Gaye! This record doesn’t let up for one second, with Gamble & Muff on production! In my opinion one of the best records ever made!