The Electrikal Crew – Soundsystem / Parties / Free Label

I’ve been following the movments of Electrikal since I started speaking to Daojia about his ill productions a few months back. He mentioned at the time he was working on getting the site up and running. I had no idea that the end product would be looking this good. Representing out of Edinburgh, the 20 strong crew that makes up their resident DJs, photographers, designers, sound system and online collective look to me not just like the dopest crew around now but also the future of the electronic scene.

Oh, and did we mention they own a massive f**k-off rig?

The Electrikal Collective, and our beloved and impossibly beautiful sound system, have captured the attention of revellers at events throughout Scotland and beyond. Available for hire throughout in the UK, we’re known for cultivating a hedonistic party atmosphere with fearless fire shows, decadent dancers and bombastic ball pools. We seek to provide an unparalleled vibrance to all of your favourite vices. Recognising and fostering the communal ethos inherent in underground music, we document unreported night-life around the country, and keep our free parties and free releases as frequent as our big name events.

Since its mobilisation in early 2010, the rig has travelled around much of the UK. The Collective have been making excellent music more than audible both underground and over ground, from established club nights such as Edinburgh’s Split and Glasgow’s JakeBeats and Bristol’s Wrong Music at the Black Swan.  We have also provided subwave support at indoor venues such as Ocean Terminal or outdoors at Snowsport events including the SUDS Competition at Hillend, as well as events at Bristo Square and Princes Street Gardens. Big sound deserves great DJs, therefore we have Taz Buckfaster, J Bostron ERA, and NoFace on the Electrikal front line, whilst behind the scenes graphics are conceived in the glorious depths of  the right hemisphere of Bryan Berger’s brain.

Pure heat. They’ve even got a promo video from some of last year’s events.

Moving forward the guys have also launched a free label – Povertyblock, set to release Taz Buckfaster, J Bostron and G31 as their debut EPs – and are hosting photos, video and exclusive interviews on their new don of a site. Too much for me to go on about here, but let’s not forgot that live music is what brought them together, so be sure to stay on top of their page for listings.

Freedom of music is at the heart of what these guys do. Adding to the list of dope underground artists/labels/collectives that we’ve been speaking to lately that continue to inspire us for the right reasons. Not only are they proper sound pros who know how to turn-out a party live, but Electrikal are definitely the most exciting thing I’ll be watching for 2011.