Eecee – ‘Cosmic Trigger’ EP Cassette / Free DL [Don’t Be Afraid]

Available as a free download or cassette release, Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid label have thrown up a new release from Eecee, titled Cosmic Trigger. Alias of Ian Lehman, who had a bumper 2014 with a handful of singles and EPs on wax under his Doubt moniker. Released across a few different labels, including DBA, all were stellar leftfield house joints we were privileged to pick up and drop.

Back on DBA and now appearing under the name Eecee, Lehman is on a more experimental tip, exploring the atmospheric synths that make the chinstroke massive and gear-spotters world over pay attention.

Just under 40 minutes in length Cosmic Trigger is thirteen tracks ranging from 50 second no-wave samplers to four minute stories stretching the psyche out of dusty machines. A lot of unseen turns in the composition, with a distinctively spacial sound that fans of CHXFX and Mr. Chop will appreciate.

 With the majority of the tracks remaining beatless ventures there’s also the Wendy Carlos composition vibe present, with Cosmic Trigger firmly planted in her orbit of science fiction sound tracking as opposed to John Carpenter’s horror scores. There’s also the ever-present lo-fi element which we love, sounding as if it’s been recorded to reused tape, and this is where the physical version format stands out even further.

Some things just sound better on tape. Personally, when I started having to ship from overseas and the state of record arrivals regularly being unplayable, it made sense to return to having my physical music consumption in a format that came with a hard shell case as standard.

But despite increased in sales of tapes there’s the argument that many of these fine pieces are just sitting unplayed in collections. DBA’s counteracting the issue of quality music going to waste by giving the EP away digitally, via their bandcamp page, with the limited edition cassette available to purchase for those that do prefer physical.

Limited edition of 50, get on it quick if you want one. No excuse for not stopping by the bandcamp page to pull down the free digi however: