DyLab On Seance Radio – Show No. 2

We’ve got your whole week sorted with radio and podcasts this week. The last NTS broadcast will be going up soon, and if you haven’t checked Raynulds’ Wifey podcast yet make sure you do. This one here’s something different to the way the crew normally operates though, with no decks involved or track list, as it was a full original recording with the production gear instead of records.

Can’t believe the level DyLab’s operating at; every time we hear him he just keeps shifting up gears somehow. A one hour analog gear jam served up here as one hell of a solid podcast for online station Seance Radio, based in the UK. The second in his newly launched show that we’ve been rinsing since he sent it last week, acid pattern wizardry at it’s best.

Streaming techno & electronica 24/7, Seance boasts Dave Clarke, The Black Dog, Slam, CLR and loads more that we don’t have time to mention, as regular contributors With new online stations appearing almost weekly at the moment, Seance is definitely standing out through sheer quality. Founded and run by London based The Clairovoyants, it’s become a staple in the short-space of time it’s been running.

Proper stoked to have the Melbourne based dyLab hook up with them, as it means we’ll be getting these on the regular. Label’s get on the lookout too, DyLab’s got some tracks in waiting. Get at him via his Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/dylabs