Dubkasm Meets Aba-Shanti – ‘Jah Bible’ 10″ [Sufferah’s Choice]

Big plate from Dubkasm here, released on their own Sufferah’s Choice label in a nice 10″ format. Mixed by the legendary Aba-Shanti, it’s the level of pure dub-bass vibes that you’d expect to be hearing from both camps, with Ras Addis featuring on vocals for the title track ‘Jah Bible.’

‘Jah Bible’ as a completed track is almost an epic on it’s own, made famous through the Aba-Shanti system at Notting Hill Carnival in the ’90s and first released outside of dub plate boxes as part of the Brixton Rec LP that dropped last year, a collection of previously exclusive dub plates that Dubkasm (the pairing of Digistep and DJ Stryda) had created prior to their creation of the Sufferah’s Choice label in 2003. And whilst ‘Jah Bible’ was heralded as the stand-out track from that collection, on this new plate, accompanied with three insanely heavy versions it’s carried by the weight of the others.

The ‘Dubwise’ cut is where things start moving in a deeper instrumental direction, with things getting more raw as you move one. ‘Falasha Style’ (presumably named after Falasha Studios where Aba-Shanti would’ve mixed these tracks down) on the flip brings out the full effects pushing elements you didn’t previously here to the forefront, with ‘Raw Mix’ delivering what it says on the tin.

Previously an exclusive Aba-Shanti dub plate, this is a record that you don’t want to skip from having in the box. Proper sound system vibes, it doesn’t get better than this for big rig playing. Cat#DUBK-022 means that this represents the twenty-second plate from a heavyweight discography. If you’ve not done so already we really recommend going through it.

A couple of soundclips and press release below.

via Dubkasm
Dubkasm give us yet further access to their dubplate box and after many years of anticipation they unleash ‘Jah Bible’ on ten-inch vinyl for all soundsystem massive. For those who remember, this track became an anthem on the mighty Aba Shanti-I Sound during the late 1990’s. Requested regularly at the legendary University of Dub sessions in London and always gaining an immediate forward, the release date aptly coincides with the Notting Hill Carnival, one of the main places where this track first exploded. 

Ras Addis takes us through biblical history with his rasta reasoning before we move head-on into the realms of dub. All tracks are mixed by Aba Shanti at his London studio and this disc offers three dub cuts, each one plunging deeper into the chasm. The track Raw Mix is soundsystem dubplate business to the core, extreme cut-outs and vocals echoed into oblivion, it’s Aba at his most raw.