Dodger Man Update – ‘Mango Tree’ / ‘2_12’ Pushed Back

For those that recall, despite the epic struggle with the UK plant, we’d still managed to keep the same September 27th send out date for Dodger Man‘s debut on wax. Well, unfortunately the plant struck again.

Managing to get the records out at the right weight to the distributor the day they were needed, it wasn’t till after the weekend (3 days later) that I got my own copies. Nice weight, labels looked good, chuck it on the a-side…only to hear hideous pops and crackles the whole way through. Somehow the plant had not only severely fucked up the record but had sent them out without even checking a single one.

I more than realise these things happen with pressing records – not sure a smooth run ever exists, it’s all part of the fun and something you laugh about at the end. The fact that the plant’s tried to mug us off for more money at every turn does rub a bit of salt in it though.

That said, our friends at 2nd Drop Records have been among those with words of support to keep us sane, and at the end of the day it’s a small price to pay for two amazing tunes in the format we love. Mad props to ST Holdings and the record stores for their patience in the matter.

Apologies to keep all waiting! It’ll now be shipping from ST October from October the 11th for an official store release of October 18th.

Below again for streams and pre-order.

As always the vinyl press will be limited, and now that we’ve teamed up with ST Holdings we’re expecting them to go even quicker. Our friends at Redeye Records have jumped on the good tip and thrown up a pre-order that you can place with them here

For promo 320’s get in touch.