Dodger Man Records Drop – Mango Tree / 2_12 Now Available

Fourth press lucky or so they say – Dodger Man‘s debut wax plate has finally dropped, proving to be well worth the wait.

Digital downloads are available from all the usual suspects, and at present the physical product can be sourced at a handful of stores who’re shipping today or Monday.

Stores can pick it up via ST Holdings, as most stores are yet to throw it up due to the official release date on the 18th.

By no means a complete list, I’ll be adding to this as it goes along, but for those in a rush feel free to follow the links below.
Catapult Records
Rough Trade Records
Rush Hour
Sounds Of The Universe

Following the split with the pressing plant, the metal work and stampers are not being collected and destroyed. Although we’re not big on the repress, this makes it physically impossible to redo these records. If the records ever do get redone the lacquer will be re-cut, the labels replaced and the press will be different.
For those that forgot what we’re dealing with the a-side and b-side linked from youtube below.